Functional Yet Modern Showroom Designs & Practices- Sanjay Agarwal, FRDC, Banglore at IIR 2019

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“The sellers find out that what they think in terms of product and its applications & uses; that do not sell. What they passing out to the customer is important, it does not matter what we think. The entire market is moving out like this. So, if you want to design showroom for laminate and veneer sales, first you will have to observe the place like a customer and imagine that how did you use these products at your home or offices. Also imagine your household furniture at that place and put the options by placing parts of furniture. In a corner mention the categories like AC3, AC5, etc and its delivery charges. In other side put the brand names in which you deal in. That’s it,” said Mr Sanjay Agarwal.

“The customers need visualization, they do not want to see veneer. They like to see the polish on veneer and how it looks after application. So, the showroom owners
need to see the purpose that he wanted to transmit from the store. The decoration like glass doors and other things are secondary and do not need to focus on; as the showroom’s sole purpose is to sell the product by customer’s visualization of their requirements,” he added.

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