'Gaining Trust in the Market Should be our Priority’- Anil Bhasin, President, Havells India at IIR 2019

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In the industry and business, we must adopt the fair practices and do the things according to our own style. We set this plan to our company and following the same for last 15 years. We set a fixed and equal margin either someone is buying the goods worth 100 crore or 10 crore from our company. Due to this fair policy we gain the trust of our thousands of customers. A number of entrepreneur complaints that they are not earning good margin. We must be known that to earn the margins is in hand of retailers not on company. So, you must be focused to establish yourself as a brand in the market so that the sales and margins can be generating automatically. In other words, gaining trust in the market should be our priority. Trust is the most important thing in the business. If you trust someone, slowly and suddenly you start loving that one and this is applicable in business as well. The other name of trust in business is called brand.

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