Face Veneer Procurement May Improve From Burma & Laos

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There is good news for Gurjan Face Veneer lovers, because there is report from Burma that the prices of Gurjan Timber have come down to half compare to last year in new auction. Report from many timber traders and face veneer producers located in Burma, say that there is sufficient stock of good quality Gurjan logs available for auction and prices have also come down to half against last year, hence they hope that the supply of Gurjan Face Veneer to Indian Plywood producers would improve in 2020 at reasanable price level.

Mr. Sajjan Bhajanka, Chairman, Century Ply said, “There is one good thing like Burma is picking up, so the Gurjan timber price in Burma in comparison to last year has reduced to less than 50%. Last year around this time we are buying timber in the auction for 1200 or plus dollars which is now below $600, so that way it is becoming viable again and we have procured lot of timber in recent auctions and we are augmenting our peeling capacity in Myanmar, so there I think the things will pickup from Myanmar.”

It is also reported from Laos, that the government is willing to ease the norms of veneer export from the country. The government, recently had contacted veneer mills owners, and said to allow them export of veneer as well, if they set their plywood manufacturing along with peeling machines. Government says that they have sufficient quantity of surplus Gurjan Timber available for auction because they are cutting trees for hydel power generation plants. Laos government wants that the companies, who set up their veneer peeling operation in country, should start their operation again with plywood manufacturing, and the government will allow them veneer export as well with plywood.

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