RMD Boards Expanding Its Network With Many Advantages Over Other Wall Panels

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Finding many good things in one product is very rare today. RMD Boards are the future wall panelling products meeting the needs of today when people want everything faster and better in quality. With exceptional durability, phenomenal protective properties and a wide range of decorative applications, RMD Boards have been emerging as suitable alternate for decorative interior applications. Dubai based RMD Boards is marketed in India by Pune based company Ventura Art Panels. They are effortlessly expanding its network pan India as the future of interior spaces lies here, said a number of dealers who are moving ahead with it. The company is also looking Channel Partners in -GUJARAT / TELANGANA / ANDHRA PRADESH / RAJASTHAN / MADHYA PRADESH / CHATTISGARH / JHARKAHND.

Company has 4 stock points across India, catering to small cities. For Western India – Pune , North India – Delhi , East India – Kolkatta and South India – Bengaluru. The main focus is to ensure dealers don’t have to stock too much and get material faster from these stock points resuting in better service to end consumers.

The product is Resilient and recyclable lending themselves as an enduring material to wood and other over-exploited forest resources. With minimum wastage and optimum energy efficiency during the production of these panels are testaments to the brand’s commitment to helping reduce the carbon footprint of the industry.

RMD Boards are unique polypropylene construction and integrated decorative foil surfacing, makes it an ideal, fast, convenient and eye catching panel product. It is available in traditional materials texture such as wood, marble, textiles and more which offer variety of creative designs for its versatile applications. The Ply Reporter contacted some of leading dealers from across the country who shared their experiences in handling projects with it.

Mr. Manish Rungta, SM Corporation, Bengaluru

It is a revolutionary product which is maintenance free with easy installation having unlimited qualities like being acoustic, waterproof, termite proof, etc. I am very happy with it doing at least ten projects, as its response is tremendous and industry professionals like it hand in hand. Even one of the architects asked me to install in his office then-andthere, when I introduced it to him. It is rare at first interaction; generally they say put yours product here, we will see! But, with it we got such an impressive response. One of my clients was surprised seeing its application in the washroom, saying that veneer is not used in washroom, it will be damaged with water. So, this product is so natural that what texture you use, it gives the real natural look of that product like stone, wood, fabric. No one believes that it is Polypropylene. It will grow tremendously!

Mr. Yatindra Maheshwari, Ply Bank India Pvt Ltd, Distributor for Agra/ Mathura / Aligarh

It is a very defined and quality product with very good finishing level. It is antitoxic and suitable for everyone giving value addition in interior with beauty and durability. The most importantly it can be easily cleaned because it does not allow any dust particle to stick with. Its application is easy as it can be curved to 30 inch radius object and over. It is also 90 degree bendable with growing which facilitates easiness to workmen-ship. The price on material looks little costlier but, if anyone calculate on conclusive, it turns cost effective by saving time, energy, labor and installation cost. The traditional method of interior work done cost at least Rs 400/sqft but with it cost just Rs 225/sqft, also it gives longevity and natural look to the textures used.

Mr. Rahul Chandhak, Kwality Ply, Distributor for Chennai

Today people want to finish their interior work in quick time. In commercial sites like corporate offices and hotels they don’t have time to adopt traditional method like framing, plywood paneling and then laminating for wall paneling purpose; I believe RMD Board is very much suitable for them. In my case in a renovating site for marriage hall having tiles, the owner was to adopt traditional method of wall paneling mentioned above that must have taken 20 days; we completed that with RMD Boards in just three days with 20 percent cost saving to their earlier budget. It’s value for money product which gives original look due to its finishes. When it is touched it gives a cushion like feeling also due to being honeycomb structure. In Chennai most prominent problem is termiteand moisture for that it is very much suitable product.

Mr. Shareyash Shah, MRJ FlexStone, Distributor for Mumbai

Basically it is an economical product and very easy to install. This is a material for any surface and saves lot of time for its application. This is made of polypropylene which is a green product category, and not harmful for health. We have done a number of projects and continuously doing with it. For example during renovation work L&T and Godrej, we have installed RMD board and changed the entire look in marvel in no time. RMD Board gives a rich and real look of the textured used. It can also be applied directly on ruff plaster wall. In this way it can save a lot other expenses. This product is very innovative and to have higher spread we have to make efforts on marketing and creating experience centres.

Mr. Praveen Tekriwal, Sriram Sales, Kolkatta ( Super Stockist for East India .)

RMD boards are ready to use product and its application finishing time is very less. It’s cost effective. I have used it at my home in lobby; its looks and applicationsare perfect, and there is no problem at all. It can also be sued at water affected area. Our operation is basically home projects and people like it very much as it is termite, water, and sound proof also.People like its versatile looks as it is available in almost all trendy looks like stone, veneer, fabric, leather, etc. The carpenters and febricators are very much efficient for installing it.

The support from company is also there like training of carpenters , Samples folders are given as when required in good quantity and management support in marketing and promotion events is very positive .

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