The Growing Craze of ‘Zero Finish’ Laminates

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‘Zero Finish’ moulds have been growing in demand in high pressure laminates sector. The recent survey of Ply Reporter found approximately two and half dozens of laminates brands with the ‘Zero Finish’ range in their catalogues. Companies feel, ‘Zero Finish’ texture looks like actual wood veneer, which attracts the attention of architects and designers because once it is applied on furniture, the feel and look perfectly matches with real wood. It is different from Gloss and Matt finished texture thus adds value to the entire catalogue range. Ply Reporter shares that one can see at least one or two moulds of Zero Finish in a number of catalogues and its craze is growing. It is also found that almost every 1 mm catalogue introduced in the last 6 months has a range of ‘Zero Finish’ texture.

It is reported that earlier European Plate making company Flai has introduced ‘Zero Finish’ moulds, which was brought in selected Indian brands because it was very costly, but once Chinese Plate making company WHM Huamei introduced ‘Zero Finish’ Moulds at affordable pricing with similar quality, its demand has been increasing and it reached to number of folders. Mr H S Bhasin, India Representative of WHM Huamei said, “We are the first company in China, who has developed ‘Zero Finish’ Technology and our quality is similar to Europe. It is the latest technology in Moulds for laminates industry and looks like real unpolished wood, that is the beauty of it, and we have been innovating new designs in ‘Zero Finish’.

Mr Sandip Kedia of Shinto Corporation, who is representing another mould manufacturing company from China, said, “There have been much innovations in Zero Finish moulds, which is helping its growth. I have been supplying Zero Finish Moulds to a number of laminates brands; we have many queries for this. Everyone wants to buy 2-3 moulds of Zero Finish because they have been receiving good response from the market. The finished products with Zero Finish moulds look like actual decorative veneer.”

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