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The hike will definitely have far reaching effects on the furniture industry as local manufacturers will get a boost.

FDT: What are your views on the customs duty hike on imported furniture and parts? How do you think it will impact the industry? 

The hike will definitely have far reaching effects on the furniture industry as local manufacturers will get a boost. The imported superior quality products are as it is very expensive, an additional 25% is a massive hike that will impact most of the industry. Even the entry level people (beginners) come with a certain fixed budget, hence it will have its implications over the entire cycle.

FDT: How will the hike impact the buying pattern of Indian consumers?

The Indian manufacturers are already in the soup whilst facing many adversities. This hike will give them an opportunity to gain a little margin and open their market to the consumers.

FDT: How do you foresee the future of the Indian furniture industry in 2020-21?

We are striding towards a 5 trillion dollar economy which will come with its own set of aspirations in the form of infrastructure and latest technology. The infrastructure is on massive development and hence the furniture industry is also evolving by leaps and bounds. The year 2020- 21 will see optimal growth and the future looks promising as long as the economy is on our side. Hopefully, it should end on a positive note.

FDT: What are your latest offerings?

Maison Du Luxe strongly believes in evolving and traversing the different dimensions of furniture design with the intent of keeping up with challenges and always coming out victorious. Exploring contrasting dimensions and getting out of our comfort zone, our range of luxury furniture is impeccably resonant with the intricacies of ethereal furniture. We are moving towards the use nof metal and a minimalistic yet modern approach catering to the contemporary demands we encounter. Also, we are providing environmental paints which are water-based that help us aid the sustainable aspect of furniture design.

FDT: How do you foresee FY 2020- 2021 for Maison Du Luxe ?

We work tirelessly towards embracing change, pursuing growth and building a positive team by developing our work ethos. Our company has had substantial growth in the past few years and our aim is to carry the legacy forward with zest and fervor. Our aim is to contribute in reinstating India’s glory by being instrumental in engineering and furnishing the future marvels of the architectural and designer world. For Maison Du Luxe, the year 2020-21 promises growth and a whole lot of exciting new avenues.

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