Smart Ways to Give a Complete Makeover to Your Kitchen

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Much like your living room and your bedroom, your kitchen needs to be infused with your personality and creativity. Adding the personal touch and some much-needed alterations can create the perfect family space where you can serve up delicious meals and make memories that last a lifetime. Here are some smart ways to give your kitchen a complete makeover:

Cabinets, cabinets, cabinets – The kitchen is typically all about the cabinets and storage spaces. The easiest way to give your kitchen an instant upgrade is to change the finishing to an anti-fingerprint laminate so as to avoid finger print marks on the cabinets which may be caused due to constant friction. This not only minimizes the need to clean the cabinets but also immediately enhances the aesthetics of the kitchen.

Add some colour – Monochrome is now passé. If you think that your kitchen with its laminated counters and cupboards leaves no room for colour, think again. Laminates now come with bright and attractive colours like glossy red, tangy orange or even glistening silver. These unique colours can bring life to any given space. Adding some wall art or decals or even commissioning a glass painting on the window panes can add a dash of much needed colour to your kitchen and elevate the interiors.

Add a dining space – In the space efficient homes of today, the kitchen is no longer an exclusive space to cook in. It is a space where you can grab a meal, kick back, and read a book or even work on your laptop. The best way to do add the perfect dining space is to pick up one of the Archidlam Postforming Laminate which is made of a special resin (using resin technology) that makes for the perfect interiors. These laminates are durable, eyecatching, and can be bent at 160 degrees allowing for seamless corners.

Germ free kitchen – Archidlam’s Anti-Bacterial kitchen laminates are perfect for the kitchen. The biocidal and biostatic additives make for highly hygienic surfaces but this does not take away from the beauty and the aesthetics of the finish.

Add a feature wall – Gone are the days when kitchens used to be cold and functional. With smaller, more compact and efficient homes becoming the choice of most homeowners, it is important that kitchens reflect the joy, warmth, and brightness of a family that cooks and eats together. The use of chalkboard or marker board laminates to fashion out a small creative corner for the children and family members to write inspirational quotes, appreciative words, and endearments and even to draw on makes for the perfect kitchen makeover.

The perfect lighting – The one feature that will change the way your kitchen interiors look is the lighting. If you are fortunate to have a home where the kitchen is endowed with a great deal of natural lighting and ventilation, make the best use of these. For the evenings, however, you will require strategically placed lamps and overhead lighting to show off the interiors in the best possible way.

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