HR Industries Introduces ‘Clean Fuel Series 2020’

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One of the biggest Impregnation machine manufacturers in the World, H R industries has has a robust R&D structure to keep pace with the demanding aspiration of the country and the Industry that it serves. Recently, the company has introduced Eco-friendly Green System based the “CLEAN FUEL SERIES 2020” Impregnation line, first time in the world. The technology will restrict Air Polution, and help keep the environment clean and safe.

India is considered one of the emerging superpowers of the world with huge economic aspirations and climatic challenges.The National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) has mandated a slow transition from Solid fuels to Gas for the Indian Industry.

At its heart of this Energy transition is the need to reduce energy-related CO2 emissions to limit climate change. There is a new normative from the Government of India to reduce pollution in grade-A& Industrial cities with the prohibition of all solid fuel in the near future! The Plywood and Laminate Industry will need to transfer from Solid fuel to Gas (Natural Gas, LPG) in the coming months. The Whole Industry uses Solid Fuel atthe moment.

In the last few months, it has been seen days of “Severe Pollution" level at Delhi- NCR, Haryana & vicinity regions. It is noted that the Notification from NGT and the ramifications. Until a while ago, on short notices, all factories with emission contribution have been closed in the vicinity of Delhi NCR! Business could not fulfill supply commitments and delays resulted in future no-orders & penalties.

H R Industries has a solution to this problem that is “GAS FIRED DRYERS” with “GREEN SYSTEM”. Launching in 2020, the “CLEAN FUEL SERIES 2020”is another pioneering Engineering by H R Industries for the Indian Impregnation Industry. The design, development anddeployment of this Clean Fuel technology and innovations involved are poised to have a significant & positive impact on Surface Technology business and society.

The Company is geared up to assist all concerned in this transition with a strong support team. They will supplythe total new system "CLEAN FUEL SERIES 2020" as :

1. GAS Fired Drying Zones
2. Exhaust Gas Collection system
3. Exhaust pre-treatment system

Exhaust Pre-treatment plant will reduce emissions to a very low & permissible level & GAS Fired Dryers has many positive aspects over traditional methods, naming a few like the exclusion of the Total Boiler System, Heat Exchangers & Heating Medium!

Mr. Hitesh Ruparel, Director of H R Industries said, “Our paper Impregnation machines have been used successfully to manufacture millions of laminates that are household name in India and at H R Industries, we believe that the vital key to sustained success lies in continuous improvement, innovation and complete customer care. Our "CLEAN FUEL SERIES 2020” would be a Game changer in the Industry while fulfilling all commitments to all concerned.”

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