Touchme By Stylam Partners Surfaces Reporter’s ‘Exclusive’ Webinar On High-End Residential Projects- New Opportunities, Needs, And Market

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No matter how many hands touch the surface, no matter how many times the laminate is exposed to scratches, any trace won’t be seen anymore. This also means less wear and tear in the long run and freedom from getting it cleaned every now and then.

Stylam Industries Limited proud to introduce a range of - TouchMe: Anti Finger Print Laminate, made from Worlds First ‘Hot Coating Process’ of PU+ Lacquer touching on thin laminates. First-ever in India stateof-the-art machine with cutting edge technology for producing flawless finished quality laminates &bring unmatched surface benefits.

This one of a kind Hot Coating Process machine is made with patented technology by KLEIBERIT and BARBERAN, two well-renowned names in Industrial Innovation. With this prominent German technology, tough and beautiful decorative fingerprint proof laminates are not fiction anymore.


  • TouchMe – Anti Finger Print Range starts from 0.9mm thickness
  • First Time in India, Avail Anti Finger Print Laminate in virtually any color.
  •  Diverse variety in Solid, Marble and Woodgrains.
  • Most affordable Anti-FingerPrint Laminate.
  • When you think beauty without stains, marks & germs – Think

TouchMe Anti Finger Print laminate by Stylam. TouchMe – Anti Finger Print Laminate has super matt finish with soft to touch feel. This unique property results in a premium look and easy maintenance. And also the laminates can be used on a number of more surfaces than usual. The thermal healing capability and antimicrobial surface protection enhance the likeability of the laminates. Over a period of time, the laminates aren’t going to look old from outside or disintegrate from inside. Therefore, no moreunpleasant smell, no more unwanted stains, no more worry for germs.

"Laminates that stay clean, remain looking new, and are easy to maintain." Now avail Anti Finger Print Laminates on virtually any color starting from 0.9 mm thickness.

TouchMe by STYLAM has powered by partner of SURFACES REPORTER’s ‘exclusive’ webinar on High-end Residential Projects- New opportunities, Needs, and Market. The panelist for the webinar includes Designer Pallavi Dean, Roar, Dubai; Ar Bobby Mukherji, Mumbai; ArHiren Patel, Ahmedabad, and Designer and social influencer Nisha Jamwval, along with Vertica Dvivedi, Founding Editor, Surfaces Reporter Magazine.

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