Central Public Works Department Removes Ban On the Use of Timber in Construction

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Central Public Works Department (CPWD), which comes under theUnion Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry has revoked a ban on the use of timber in their building and habitat projects. The department also specified that wood is a renewable and versatile construction material, and the lifecycle economic cost of timber is also much lower.

In an office memorandum, CPDW stated, "The MoEFCC has asked to remove the ban on the use of wood in construction, since it will create demand for wood-based industries that would spur the local economy, particularly in rural areas, create large scale employment and encourage farmers and others to bring degraded areas under tree cover that, in turn, will augment production of a multitude ecosystem services for the benefit of the country."

Union Environment ministry ordered CPWD to remove the ban, saying it will create demand for wood-based industries that would spur the local economy, mainly in the rural areas and create jobs on a large scale.

The CPWD said “Capture and storage of atmospheric carbon in growing forests and timber would help in addressing climate change. The department further adds, “India was committed to the target of creating an additional carbon sink equivalent to 2.5-3 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide by 2030 and raising the demand for forest products was needed for that.”

Headed by DG (Director General), The Central Public Works Department of Indiais the government's chiefauthority responsible for all public sector work. The department comes under Ministry of Urban Development (now MoHUA) and it executes major projects of the Centre as well as the state governments. Apart from taking care of central government buildings, it also erects fences on the nation’s international borders.

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