Lower the Face Veneer Thickness, lesser the strength of plywood, say experts at Ply Reporter’s Conclave

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The thickness of Face Veneer plays a significant role in plywood strength and durability; hence it is important to use recommended thickness to produce good quality plywood. “The thickness of face veneer varies as per segment of plywood such as there is different thickness recommended commercial plywood, structural plywood and high grade water proof plywood. The color of face veneer is just illusion, it does not play any role in making durable and strong plywood construction,” said Dr. S K Nath, Ex Joint Director, IPIRTI during Ply Reporter’s E-Conclave on ‘FACE VENEER - रंग, बाजार & Emerging Needs' held on 30th August.

Dr Nath added that the reduction of Face Veneer thickness, led to lesser strength of plywood with proportion, hence if industry wants to produce sustainably good quality plywoods, they have to fix the thickness of face Veneer, which will also help Face Veneer Producers to supply a good quality face.

The other panelists also agree that there is variety of lower thickness available in market, which is damaging entire Face Veneer sector as well as plywood quality. They also opine that lesser thickness face veneers of 0.25 mm and below are being supplied and imported from China and Chinese owned factory in Gabon, hence Indian users should Boycott lower thickness to discourage Chinese company, and ask of at least 0.3 mm thickness face Veneer.

The detail coverage of this e-conclave will be published in coming issue of The Ply Reporter magazine, and you can view the entire discussion on Ply Reporter’s Facebook’ page. 

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