Amulya Mica Rainbow Coloured Pvc Board is an Evolution

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Rainbow Collection is not PVC board… it is an evolution of PVC board. The added value of Rainbow comes not only from colour but also from its distinctive composition and in-house researched manufacturing process

Rainbow panel is coloured throughout, where foaming and colouring occur simultaneously thereby impregnating the entire cross section. This gives Rainbow a unique appearance which is especially appealing to interiors decorators and architects.

Rainbow comes in Matte and High Gloss finish for kitchen shutters and similar verticals applications. Rainbow Collection is available in 9 Colours and a variety of thickness to fit most of the uses.

Rainbow can be sawed, drilled, screwed and fabricated using ordinary carpentry tools. It can also be cut and routed by CNC machine to make creative grill patterns.

Rainbow is manufactured to be used for interior and limited exterior application.The major applications of Rainbow include:

It can be used to make kitchen shutters, tables and chairs of kindergarten schools, CNC grill for partitions, for decorating the ceilings, wall paneling, behind TV units as high lighter and to make children’s colourful almirah/study table etc

Rainbow is an ideal choice of health conscious creative gentry due to following unique features like it has been tested by Swiss SGS Lab to be Anti-bacterial, Lead-free, RoHS compliant and also tested by Italab-Mumbai to be Food Grade and 100 % water proof, fire resistant and self-extinguishing property along with its virgin PVC offers better screw holding capacity.

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