DOLBY MICA Supports E- Conclave On ‘How Is Laminate Market Changing ?

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The decorative laminate industry is consistently upgrading, and Dolby Mica is not just keeping up with the trends but is also ahead of the times.

Their Canvas collection is favoured and appreciated by architects and interior designers, is one-of-a-kind, customizable highlighter collection. One can customize the thickness, colours, and patterns of each piece in the Canvas Collection Catalogue.

After the success of the Surface Matters Vol. 1 catalogue, Dolby Mica is all set to launch Surface Matters Vol. 2, the next rendition of their flagship catalogue. Surface Matters Vol. 2 is anticipated to have laminates made using Synchronized technology and the Zero Matte finish. The catalogue is also set to have a fresh textures and new Pantone shades to look forward to.

What’s more, all decorative laminates from Dolby Mica are Anti-bacterial in nature, keeping up the requirements of the current times in mind. They are also scratch, abrasion, heat & condensation resistant. As an added bonus, these laminates are also fire retardant. Each surface design is curated with unparalleled quality and durability and come with the promise of a lifetime*.

With all this and more in store, Dolby Mica is bound to become the pioneer in the surface design industry soon. If you wish to get your hands on the Canvas collection or any of the laminate catalogues, give a call to +91 9004200052 or visit

Dolby Mica has partnered with Ply Reporter’s E-conclave on ‘How is Laminate Market Changing – Distributor’s Perspective’, which was organised on 15th Aug, 2020 (Saturday) at 3.30 PM. The Decorative Laminates trade conglomerates such as Mr Hasmukh Shah, Surface Dekor (India) Pvt Ltd, Mumbai; Mr Manish Birdika, Sai Ply Pvt Ltd, Kolkata; Mr Rajneesh Kumar Jain, Supreme Sales Corporation, Delhi: Mr Vinay Gupta, United Plywoods, Jaipur; Mr Vinod Patel, Om Laminate, Hyderabad; Mr Navin Gupta, Reliance Plywood Corporation, Bangalore; Mr Umang Thakkar, Umang Marketing, Ahmedabad and Mr Arun Gupta, Gupta Sales Corporation, Jalandhar; Mr Gautam Bhansali, H M Traders, Guwahati were speaking in this webinar, which was moderated by Mr Pragath Dvivedi, Founder, Ply Reporter and Mr Rajiv Parashar, Editor, Ply Reporter.

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