STYLAM Sets Up World’s First Hot Coating Machine With Cutting Edge German Technology to Bring In Anti Finger Print Laminates - Mr. Jagdish Gupta

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Mr. Jagdish Gupta, Managing Director of Stylam Industries Limited has recently interacted with The Ply-Reporter and shared his insights about the company, the journey so far and his vision and mission for latest technological upgraded launch like TouchMe – Anti Finger Print Laminates, a product that garnered much attention and significance in the architectural and infrastructure skyline of India. 

Could you share some insight over the Journey of Stylam Industries Limited?

The journey has been an interesting one. For years, we have been playing our role in the changing landscape of laminates. And today, where we stand, we witness a history to remember and a future to explore.

It was the year 1991, when the idea of making the world of interiors beautiful was conceived. Within few years, we were Stylam Industries, and the brand emerged progressive as the manufacturer of some of the most advanced interior and exterior designing products including laminates, solid surfaces and prelam MDF panels.

Tell us a little bit more about company product range and infrastructure advancements?

At Stylam, quality and innovation have always been at the helm. Adherence to global standards has been a philosophy rather than a need. We have built an unbreakable trust in the trade since inspection. Equipped with State of the art production facilities at Haryana the company has continuously been setting the benchmarks. Our production capacity is approx 14.3 million sheets annually; our latest Laminate manufacturing unit is largest in Asia.

Stylam is having most Sophisticated European facilities in India that manufactures the pure acrylic solid surfaces. We have built up First Ever Organized European plant of Modified solid surfaces too. Recently we also initiated the fully automated Short Cycle Press for making Pre Lam Boards in both Anti Finger & High Gloss finishes. And Now, We have come up with World’s first State-of-the-art hot coating machine with cutting edge German technology to bring in Anti Finger Print Laminates.

Congratulations! As Stylam has come up with World’s First Technology for making 'Anti Finger Print  Laminate', what  was the vision behind this investment?

Our organization vision is to “maintain and strengthen our position nationally and globally in Home Décor space with an array of new innovative products and adding value to life”. And with this thought and vision, the policies and decision making takes place down the line in the entire company and same reason went behind this investment.

We have put up India’s most sophisticated Pure Acrylic Solid Surfaces plant with German Technology, Brand name is ‘GRANEX’; along with European Standard based Plant of Modified solid surfaces with Brand ‘MARVELLA’.

To be very precise we are committed to consistently introduce affordable world class innovative products and solutions to industry which not only add value to life of mankind but also increase reach of world class products among large number of consumers.

How is 'Anti Finger Print Laminate' different from regular laminates? Or what’s its advantages? How much range does Stylam offer? 

On the basis of high performance parameters and properties Anti finger print laminate is far superior product as against regular laminate. Anti Finger Print Laminate sheet goes through production process of Hot Coating Line which is made with patented technology by KLEIBERIT and BARBERAN, two well renowned names in industrial innovation. In the process, the sheet treated with Polyurethane (PU) + Acrylic Coating to impart anti finger properties. This treatment improves the overall quality, lifetime, and versatility of these laminate as compared to normal one.

The final products from this division undergo rigorous testing to make sure they exceed all quality standards, withstand the test of time, and substantially reduce the effort and time required for care & maintenance by the end consumer. Key advantages include its fingermark proof, soft to touch with super matt finish, having resistance to smudge & scratches and available with Anti Bacterial/Anti Fungal properties too.

As standard offering we do provide close to 60 variants in Solids, Woods and Stone & Marbles finishes and can be available in any colors option among Stylam design range variants.

Our production capacity is approx 14.3 million sheets annually. As standard offering we do provide close to 60 variants in Solids, Woods and Stone & Marbles finishes. The company also gives 15 + years color fading warranty for exterior grade range.

How does this technology add value to exterior grade laminates products?  

The existing technology renders product the properties of high UV resistance, Scratch resistance, Stability & anti-warping against temperature variation due to seasonal changes & anti- fading of color while maintaining global standards. The company also gives 15 + years color fading warranty for exterior grade range.

Stylam has also come up with ‘GlossPro+ Laminate’ range through this technology, Please shares something about this product? 

Along with TouchMe Anti Finger Print Laminate, We have introduced GlossPRO+ High Gloss Laminates The Hi Gloss finish is crafted with pioneer hot coating process of PU+ Lacquer touching. With this the brilliance of gloss stays through years without any sign of wearing out, This technologically advanced product gives excellent mar and abrasion resistance thereby maintaining the gloss level three times sustained than ordinary High Gloss laminates.

Furthermore, Gloss-PRO+ High Gloss Laminate is resistant to stain and can be available with Anti bacterial/ Anti Fungal properties. We have also introduced the range of Pre-lam MDF Boards with Hi Gloss.

This product is well accepted in the World Market, and Stylam has been receiving very good response. What is your expectation from the India market for this product? 

Since the launch of ‘Touch Me’ range, we have been receiving high demand from all across world. And our expectations are very high from Indian market too. As we can see due to Covid19 Pandemic there is sea change in Indian consumer behavior in regards of approach to hygiene and safe environment. Today customer is very much conscious about safety & cleanliness. This is very much favorable and influencing point to increase the demand.

Even the architects are looking for value added offerings having affordable world class features, so this becomes a strong catalyst and will lead to increase in demand. Moreover our range is competitively priced which is very affordable to everyone’s pocket, so it may act as new trend and acceptable along with new normal.

Stylam is the first company, which sets up German technology based Solid Surface manufacturing unit. How is it different? With anti- China move, how do you see the future of this product in India?

Yes, we have put up India’s most sophisticated Pure Acrylic Solid Surfaces plant with German Technology, Brand name is ‘GRANEX’; along with European Standard based Plant of Modified solid surfaces with Brand ‘MARVELLA’. In our set up major differentiator is usage of double casting belt to manufacture Solid surface boards. We are the only one in India to do so. Beside this because of complete integrated set up & R&D center we have capability of adding many more variants in future as per consumer needs and market trends in this range.

With anti- China move we definitely expect diversion of big importers & traders towards us which will help to grow business and in turn will establish better reach to our target customers. Having said this we also expecting stress on margins as this category will be demanding highly competitive pricing. We also expect support from distributors and architects who also will be patronizing locally made world class products

How do you experience the laminate business scenario in Covid Pandemic? 

We have started seeing revival in business from May 2020 onwards. Currently demand seems to be on account of pending works which were on hold during lockdown period. There is urgency to complete these works and this factor should help to get the revenue level back to normalcy and we can expect business to grow month on month for next quarters onward. We can see demand coming in from secondary markets and tier 2 and 3 markets also since these are comparatively less impacted by pandemic.

How would the demand improve, please advice?

Organizations at large will need to change way of working and put focus over virtual marketing and meetings with existing along with new customers for demand generation and business growth. Since most of the metros are badly affected on account of Covid Pandemic there will be thrust on tier 2 and 3 cities and towns for demand generation.

Prompt serviceability and response to customers will be key factor in taking market share from the surge in demand. Due to financial constraints unorganised players will not be able to meet the demand. There will be demand shift and it is a great opportunity for organised players to capitalize on same and increase market share and connect with customers.

India laminates market is riddled with varieties of low quality products, what is your view?  

It is definitely a big challenge and matter of concern. We are committed to provide world class products to customers however customers are being deprived of same on account of local quality laminate available. We are continuously putting efforts to create awareness among customers about benefits of quality products, we are trying to educate them about the fact that initial investment is little high in buying quality products however long term benefits are far more which offsets the impact of initial investment.

In India 0.8 mm laminates is available from Rs. 325 to Rs. 550 per sheet, how can a dealer judge the best option? 

Dealer can judge the best available option as per Product demand and Brand pull of the product. Brand pull defies focus on price since customer ask product on brand value. Also Quality of product defines durability, workability and long lasting performance of product which really pushes customer to pay more inspite of local cost product being available in similar category.

Top class Customer service and consistency in deliverables (material availability, large no of designs and shades and continuous new product development as per market needs) pushes customer to pay more inspite local of cost product being available in similar category.

How do you see the future readymade furniture manufacturing in India?   

The future of readymade furniture manufacturing in India will be bright, as from customer point of view it is a big hassle to deal with multiple agencies when furniture is made on site. This hassle can be eliminated by opting for readymade furniture. Moreover rising per capita income along with proliferating residential and commercial projects is expected to drive the readymade furniture market. Increasing production of complex designs and the incorporation of innovative materials supported by advanced manufacturing technologies is expected to fuel product sales plus it will open up route for us to supply material to OEM’s, Turnkey Interior Contractors etc.

Would Stylam plan to enter into Plywood, MDF, Particle Boards and other such kinds of core products manufacturing in future?

At Stylam, the focus always stays on its R&D work to develop technologically advanced products and bring a turnaround into global market and building material industry. We have recent launch of few major manufacturing facilities, so the primarily aim will be on full capacity utilization and establishing those in market. Rest being a growing company, we may plan to come up with other range of products too.

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