ACTION TESA HDHMR Board: Truly Replacement of Plywood

person access_time3 25 November 2020

Action TESA HDHMR Board has been proved to be a “TRUE REPLACEMENT' of plywood. It has become the most preferred product in both home & office furniture segments over plywood.

HDHMR Boards has become a household name and has been appreciated by the elite fraternity of Architects & Interiors as well.

TESA HDHMR is not only tougher than any available plywood in the market but is also highly moisture resistant as well, which makes it a popular choice in extreme moist climatic conditions or areas. These boards are Termite & Borer Resistant which makes it a wise choice over plywood.

TESA HDHMR Board is manufactured using hardwood hence it's density is greater than any other products available in the market. Uniform density gradient & compact core gives it the best routing characteristics. This is achieved by using special German Technology.

Besides Plain HDHMR Boards & Pre-Laminated HDHMR Boards have also gained equal popularity for it being a ready to use panel which relieves you from the additional costs incurred in terms of workmanship, raw material, finishing & time.

KEY APPLICATION AREAS: Cafeteria Gyms Desk & Lockers Schools & Colleges Hospital Office & Residential Area Kitchen Shutter Furniture Where Risk Of Moisture Exists Door Shutters Packing Industry Partitions Outdoor Fixtures Like Election Cutouts Or Similar Application

This is just a beginning!

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