AUSTIN has Achieved 125% of Pre-Covid Sale, Expects 25% Growth this Year - Mr. Surendra Kumar Agarwal, MD, Austin Plywood Pvt Ltd

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Keeping in mind the recent outbreak of pandemic across the globe, Austin Plywood has come up with Antivirus plywood which kills up to 99.99% viruses! This new variant of plywood by Austin Plywood has been designed using the latest technology to keep your home and living space safe. During One to One interaction with The Ply Reporter, Managing Director of the company Mr Surendra Kumar Agarwal and Director Mr Nishant Agarwal spoke about benefits of this technology for users and a growth story of Austin Plywood brand in Indian Market.

Austin has introduced Anti Virus Plywood, Please explain its features?

Super fine Anti Virus micro grain to technology is used to manufacture Austin Plywood. The micro grains capture the viruses on the surface and kills them with a success rate of 99.99%.

Is this technology valid on the entire Austin Plywood range or for some particular product range?

This latest technology is used to manufacture the complete range of Austin Products be it Austin Platinum Plus, Austin Club Plus and Austin Gold.

How long will be this feature last on furniture?

This will last for complete life span of the furniture as the grains are embedded in veins when plywood is manufactured.

What will be the price hike of your products after this technology?

This is a social cause and we will not be increasing price and will be absorbing the extra cost of the technology

How will this technology be benefited to Architects, Interior designers, Carpenters and Customers?

Carpenter & Contractors will be safe while using the product and customers can be rest assured the plywood they are using will never be responsible for making viruses enter their homes, and Architects will feel confident in recommending Austin to their clients.

Plywood is a substrate material, which is being covered with other surface products such as laminates, Veneer, Paints while making Furniture, hence how much this technology be effective with plywood?

It will be 100% effective. This technology is useful in plywood, as steel gives the strength to a building, similarly plywood gives strength and acts as backbone for furniture, if plywood is made using Anti Virus technology then there is nothing to worry.

Everyone in the Industry has been speaking about Austin Cares, what exactly it is?

Austin cares is a program launched to take care of the health of our dealers, architects and employees. We conduct regular programs and social activities for the same.

What is your message for distributors, dealers and Channel Partners about Austin?

A for Austin, A for A Class Quality, if quality is what you are looking for, trust no other, as Austin is a emotional company and for us giving quality product is more important than just making profit.

Known film star Prakash Raj is now brand ambassador of Austin Plywood. How this move will help your brand?

Shri Prakash Raj is a Super Star in South India - one of Austin’s Main markets so the Brand’s reach will definitely increase. Also his bollywood movies Singham & Dabang are Super hit at box office.

Austin plywood has achieved 100% of its precovid level sale, to whom do you give credit to these achievements?

I would like you correct, we have achieved 125% of Pre-Covid sale, it is due to hard work of our sales team backed by robust production & accounts team.

How much business turnover do you expect to achieve in this FY (2020-21) due to covid setback?

We will achieve sales by 25% higher than the last year. We are a privately held organisation so we cannot disclose numbers.

What are your future plans to expand your production capacity in plywood? Do you plan to invest in other related products categories in future?

We plan to double our production in the next 2 years, I feel sticking to our strength, i.e. making the best quality plywood and not diverting to other products.

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