AMULYA MICA’S Imperial Premium Laminate Catalogue

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Amulya Mica’s Imperial Laminate Catalogue, launched in Sep/2020 by Ace. Cricketer Harbhajan Singh, is an amalgamation of Amulya Mica Premium Veneer series mica like Exotic Veneer, Seven Wonder & Synchronized Laminate. The Collection is most innovative & finest 1.25mm range of Amulya Mica with 10 years of warranty. Every veneer laminate in this collection is inspired by Natural Veneer and is an almost exact replacement of that veneer class. The collection is unique in a sense the features given like edge bending & QR code for easy Design recognition. This Imperial Catalogue has received accolades & appreciation from Architects, Interior Designers and above all from the trade not only in India but even from overseas buyers too because of its style of presentation. In the Catalogue, samples showcased allowed the viewer to get feel of the actual product in terms depth of design as well as colours both in texture & PU (Polyurethane) finish. Some features of Imperial Premium Veneer Series Laminates are as follows:-

  • This veneer collection laminates are manufactured by using a very intricate & complex procedure with the use of highest quality paper throughout the world to give it a look & feel of actual veneer. It offers over 100 designs & finishes of veneers consisting of different types, cuts & grains.
  • This veneer collection laminates are perfect substitute for Embossed Natural Veneer, Natural Dry Veneer& PU coated Natural Veneer, respectively that too at just 25% of the cost of Natural Veneer.
  • Exotic Veneer series makes use of technology which imparts Ultra Gloss finish to the Product which enhances its visual appeal, and thus gives the same feel as polish done on to natural veneer. With the strength of laminates and luster of veneer, this product is unique in itself. The cost of the exotic veneer is almost half of natural veneer and also maintenance free, with no cost of regular polish as required for natural veneer. Its Gloss level will not erode even by daily cleaning by damp cloth which is must in Indian condition. It is also Ecofriendlier than other laminate and there is ZERO-VOC emission.
  • Seven Wonder Series of Laminate designs are exclusive in terms of designs that shall not be available with any other laminate manufacturers, since we’ve exclusive rights for the Design Paper. The Design Papers are environment friendly. The ink used in printing these designs are specially selected which has no heavy metal content. The printing is done on the state of art Five colour machine, which ensures that the designs never fade. The designs are so refined, that the wood grains encapsulate the charm of nature, and theimage is almost realistic in appearance, that enhances the appeal of the furniture where these designs are used.
  • Synchronized Laminate have grain & texture that truly match with natural wood thus rendering a timeless elegance & sophisticated Touch & Feel sensation like Natural Veneer, Stone, Concrete Slab, Distressed Barks etc. Some of its ranges ( like RE-23) are Zero Reflection finish. ZR features restrict the refection of light, especially in vertical application areas. This gives the real & rich feel of the wood and decorative veneer. In some other ranges Marble finish features (RE-22) are given. It looks more real and better than stone -gives the feel of smooth stone but with Rough Surface.
  • All veneer laminates are environment friendly because it reduces the cutting of trees for obtaining wood veneer. Thus, conserves the natural resources.  All Veneer Laminates are Anti-Bacterial property. Antibacterial surface reduces bacteria up to 99.99% - added protection to your furniture

Amulya Mica is known for providing priceless solution to its patron and innovation. Due to weight of Catalogue, there is always facing problem of carrying the heavy weight catalogue. So, we decided to simultaneously to introduce Printed Folder – Light in Weight. Our attempt while creating the Printed Folder has been to make it as close to the actual Catalogue as possible with some amount of limitation. Primarily, because the Printed Folders being two dimensional, hence it can’t give the feel of the texture or the depth of the designs which is well highlighted in the Catalogue, and we believe that’s a very important aspect for the customer in making selection particularly for the type of Laminates which we are selling. In the Printed Folder, care has been taken to highlight the textures, designs, and the shadows created by the ridges by making use of special colours, which is normally difficult to create in four colours printing.

Experts have indicated that Printed Folders is possibly going to be the way forward for this industry, since the cost of Catalogues are becoming a limiting factor for its wide distribution combined with the unwieldiness due to the weight, which makes it inconvenient. We don’t intend to replace the Imperial Catalogue but we intend to make use of Printed Folder as supplement to it – for ready reference due to light weight possible to carry always with other kits.

To know more about Amulya Mica Imperial Premium Laminate Collection, Please visit or call us at Toll Free No : 1800-233-1468.

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