Government Takes Strict Vigil on Diversion of Subsidised Fertilizer

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In a red conducted by Haryana Government’s agriculture department with local police a fertilizer warehouse at Karera Khurd village has been sealed in Yamunanagar and its licence has been suspended. The sourced says that the supplier was illegally supplying urea to the plywood industry. Previously also there have been some such cases in Yamunanagar and FIRs were also registered. After raid the stock at the warehouse has been put on counting process. The authorities said if the mismatch is found the legal action will be taken against the owner. It was the initiation of action against the notice issued from the Central Government to the states.

“With the beginning of crop season such activities are a routine work by the government department and they tighten their grip on the subsidised fertilizer, so that it cannot be diverted to the industrial activities. The Plywood industry is not affected with any such red conducted by the government,” said Mr Devender Chawla, President, AIPMA. It is to be noted that on December 9, 2020 Ministry of Chemical & Fertilizer, Government of India issued a notice to the Director Agriculture of all state government to issue instruction to issue all low informant agencies to keep a strict vigil and take necessary action for preventing black marketing, smuggling and diversion of subsidised fertilizer for industrial/non-agricultural uses. The notice also instructed to prevent tagging of fertilizers at the retail point.

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