With Greenpanel’s Range Of Wood Panel Products, Year 2020: The Year of Challenges and Acing Them Beautifully

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Oh, what a year it has been. Some may call it a challenging year, but Greenpanel would rather call it a year of dichotomy. It was challenging, but they have aced most of the challenges. And as the year ends, they are more aware, they are more conscious when it comes to health, hygiene and fitness. Oh, and let’s not forget the collective innovation of the year – Work From Home.

Opportunities are bigger than challenges.

While the world is acclimatizing for work-from-home, there is a new gateway of opportunity open for the furniture industry. There need for the readymade furniture and high density MDF products by furniture exporters and OEMs is growing by the day, and as a result,there is a new spike in demand of wood panels that are suitable for readymade furniture. Greenpanel is India’s largest wood panel products manufacturer, and is accepting the new challenge as an opportunity. Its state-of-the-art manufacturing unit is not just making MDF for India, but also for the world.

Acing the product solutions

Since it is home-cum- office furniture that we’re talking, people want it to also add to the aesthetic value of their homes and it should be health friendly etc. Greenpanel offers them solutions that fit their requirements to the T. With a wide range of wood panels that includes MDF, Plywood, Veneers, Doors and Flooring, users can literally experiment with furniture and make what they want, and the way they want it.

Greenpanel stands stronger than the problem.

Be it the working class or business class, people have had the experience of staying at home and have also experienced the monotony of furniture that they’ve been using for years. So, they want to change. For this also, Greenpanel Club Grade HDWR provides an interesting solution being a great combination of high water resistance property, resistance to termite, fungus and borer proof, high density, smooth surface for ease of paint.

So, not just home-office furniture, the households can imagine and design exactly what they have in mind, and rest assured of its longevity

Blessed by nature

Greenpanel is committed to provide high performance wood panel products that adheres to the Indian and International standards. That’s not all, our manufacturing plants operate on zero wastage system. Be it wood scraps being used for fuel and water treatment plant helps in having clean water. The production process also doesn’t harm the environment.

Saplings given to the farmers to encourage agro-forestry and generate source of livelihood for them. Thus, making ‘sustainability’ as one of the key drivers for the brand.

German Technology. India’s Pride

Greenpanel uses cutting-edge German machinery like Dieffenbacher Conti-Press Line for scanning of fibre mat to produce uniform density panels,4-Head Steinemann Sanding Machine for better finished surfaces, Grecon Stenograph for in-line monitoring of density profile, Multi-fuel hybrid energy generation plant from Thermax (India)and Automated Lucci System for automated material stocking and movement.

The technology and the wide range of wood panel products make Greenpanel what it is known for best. The brand of limitless possibilities. For India. And for the world.

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