Shiv Shakti Laminates Unveils Grand Showroom in Surat

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Shiv Shakti Laminates, one of the largest marketing houses of decorative laminates in India, has come up with one of the biggest experience centres/ showrooms in Surat, Gujarat. With unique business model for laminate sales and marketing they are focusing of 1mm laminates category. Mr Sunil Nahata of Shiv Shakti Laminates in an interaction with Ply Reporter talked about the current scenario of laminates industry and the importance of such a big showroom, how the quality players are maintain good margins in premium segment of market obtaining better sales with the help of showrooms. He believes that creativity and team also play an important role these days in changed scenario of business after COVID.

Uniqueness about this showroom -The unique feature of the showroom is having the range of all kinds of laminates and beautiful display, due to which if anyone comes after having a plan even for five bed rooms, he likes to do whole purchases in the showroom only by choice. The parties from outside the city like, who have visited even Mumbai, etc also get impressed with the collection here. “We have 1000 to 1200 colors and designs of teak only, 250 to 300 designs of stone and 300 designs of dyed - which are in great demand in the market now-a-days. Apart from this, we have all types of wooden range, abstracts and digital also, said Mr Sunil Nahata.

“The reason for creating such a huge display is that we had to show all ranges of laminates. Still we feel that there is something missing and we are not able to show the full range. We have a range of 9000 designs. According to my estimation no one would have such a large range of laminates in India. We introduce 50 to 100 colors/designs every month fulfilling the required trend. In Surat people come twice a month and each time they need something new,” he added.

Talking about the importance of showroom he said that it creates deep impact on minds of people, like recently when a party very first time visited to us from Mumbai, was very impressed with it and next time he came up with his father and an architect and said “We have to do something similar, not so big, but something has to be done like this.” He believes that wide display has increased the number of the Architects and Interior Designers visit at their display showroom. Although their range and display were good already but the feel of a big showroom is entirely different now. “In fact, our aim was to provide some assistance to architects also and we definitely fulfilled that objective with this new experience centre. Today, if anyone comes definitely get impressed and say that Shiv Shakti has made the laminates segment very beautiful,” he added.

The management of such as large stock lies behind the local purchasing. They mostly work from Morbi, Gujarat and also manage the delivery and supply with three to four transport vehicles and have managed with the factory so they do not face any problem of loading and supply for even small quantity. “I would like to say, our practicality and cordially working with people is proved to be helpful in managing the supply of such a wide range. People tell us that the range is a bit high but I think if you want to give better service to the market then you have to do it. It is my passion also to give something new every month or ones in two months,” he reasoned.

They don’t make such a big stock that a folder having 400 designs and require stock of 30/40 thousands sheets. Instead, they maintain stock of only 40 to 50 highest selling designs properly.

Secondly the display outlets also indicate the design trends and sales patterns. Everything is managed through ERP system. Before making orders, they check the record for last six months and data received through computer is reviewed and keeping in mind the average sales of all the designs orders are made and try to bring something new.

Previously they had large catalogues and still some catalogues are large. In these fodders also same 50 colors are sold in good manner, so it seems that managing such a large range creates problems with large folders. “We have made small catalogues and have also launched them which if taken to the shopkeepers, they are very happy to see the designs. Also, they like our collection very much, so if they keep a stock of 50 colors, they sell 100 to 200 sheets every month very quickly. In such situation, we think that if you make 30 boxes of 50- 50, then the range of 1500 will be ready. And I liked this idea very much,” he informed.

When asked about that making small catalogue is not possible for a manufacturer to create a separate folder for each design he replied, “I feel that manufacturers are dopting this trend now. Especially small companies are paying more attention to this. Secondly, I do not want to work in the distributor network. My focus is on the dealer network from the beginning. If factory owners have to work in a distributor network, then it may be easier for them to provide the entire package in one folder. To my knowledge, there are two to three brands also whose folders are small with up to 150 colors but sales are very high. It also has their complete package and they do not face any problem even in such a low range.” The OEMs also liked their catalogue very much. “We only have to manage edge banding in them as people find it difficult to see and work with 500 color range in a folder. Better than that, they are getting 50 chosen colors and that is so easy for them to select. By the way, these OEMs use only four to five colors.”

For a retailer he has different idea for sales as instead of seeing a folder of 400 for any selection in particular textures seeing four folders of 50-50 color/design is easy. According to him today customers come to the shop with proper planning and observation about purchase beforehand. “We have made an 80 color folder of teak. If one wants to buy teak, then it is better to look at it than to see ten folders of different company. For the customers, this showroom is also a comfortable zone that 70 to 80 colors are being seen in one place,” he added.

On affecting the sales of retailers due to nearby grand showroom he says, “It does not affect nearby retailers, because this showroom is not a sales point. It is an experience centre that assists the customers to select the material of their choice but the supply is done from the retailers or dealers end only that are associated with that customers.” The showroom is known as Shiv Shakti Laminates but it showcases much more decorative items like louvers, charcoal, etc. He said that more decorative items could be added in future but presently the focus is on laminates only as he believes that adding more items will be difficult to manage even their priority segment laminate. “For other range of products and veneer we have a separate team who look after the other segment that is not more than 5 to 10%,” he concluded.

A large number of industry and trade people witnessed the grand launch of showroom such as Mr. Suresh Gala, Jitu Nandu, Rajiv Agarwal, Kirti Shah, Anand Agarwal, Nimesh Patel, Madan Sharma etc. The visitors say – WOW!


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