Upcoming webinar by Canadian Wood - all set to amaze you!

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Canadian Wood has been consistently engaged in promoting wood in avariety of applications through its series of webinars. These virtual sessions have been the constant ground forknowledge sharing by several reputed woodworking professionals in India and abroad. This of course, while covering a range of topics of significance to the industry. The reason whythey havereceived welcome responses from Architects/Designers, Builders/Developers, Structural Engineers, Contractors/Manufacturers, PMCs and the Hospitality Industry professionals.

The upcoming webinar by Canadian Wood titled ‘Born in Canada, Made in India – A webinar on manufacturing with wood’ promises to be no less absorbing.

Leading wood product manufacturers from across the country namely Bhawna Sharma [Artius Interior Products Pvt. Ltd.],Soma Singh Roy [Bramola]and Thomas Markose [Kelachandra] have been onboarded as presenters at the event. Their sessions will unveil insightful information on the use of wood forhigh-end doors, door frames & window systems, engineered door frames, world-class furniture (both contemporary and ethnic styles) and more.

That’s not all. These informative presentations will be followed by a Q&A session that will include amongst others, special guests Marco Mancini [Renner Italia SPA] and Pankaj Bassi [ICA Group] withan exceptional background in the coating category.

With everything in place to ensure a holistic experience for the audience, all that remains to be done is registration for the event.

Sign up nowto reserve your participation in this enriching experience by clicking on the link below.


Register Now:- https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_I1eHzvUZQg2A6_FdSi8F-A

India is amongst the major manufacturers of wood products in the world. However, with its forests being protected, there is dependence on imported wood to meet demand. Wood species like those from B.C. Canada have been adopted by reputed manufacturers across the country as the ideal alternate to create high-grade, export quality wood products. (FIRST-HAND EXPERIENCES & MORE AT THE WEBINAR)

To know more about Canadian Wood, click www.canadianwood.in

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