Plywood is Forever, Stay Focused on Quality Manufacturing and Selling - Rajiv Parashar, Editor

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Everyone is talking about Particle Boards and MDF, with a rising perception among industry people that Plywood future is under question. Similar to Europe and other developed countries, it was assumed that the plywood share will reduce gradually. The fear and greed is pulling plywood producers to diversify into Particle Boards manufacturing. A dozen groups of Plywood producers are working on a feasibility report of Particle Boards in North India, and they are eagerly waiting to visit China once the travel restriction lifts. As per Ply Reporter’s feeds, 10-12 Particle Board lines of around 200 cbm each per day capacity will be added by next year in India, mostly by Plywood producers, if travel starts. 

If someone is willing to diversify or expand one's business, it is the right thinking but if one feels that the plywood demand in India is going to go down, and would be taken over by Particle Boards or MDF, then it needs a fact check. We are tracking moves and growth numbers on ground and it is not showing tepid move. So far, most of the Indians have not accepted replacement of Plywood and Plywood is being replaced by Plywood only, no other alternate Products! Inferior quality plywood would be replaced by superior quality, or partially by alternatives but so far other products are yet to convince masses for mechanical and physical properties match with quality plywood. The Particle Board and MDF board prices have matched with Plywood, but are yet to match the mechanical properties and user behaviour adoptability in our country. 

Particle Boards and MDF have their own unique features, advantages, benefits and application areas, which has been helping these products to grow. It is definitely growing with more speed than plywood, and circumstances are supporting them to grow due to reducing dependency on import, and improving supply. But good Plywood demand is intact, it will also grow further. In past few years, plywood demand has been improving in many developed countries such as in the USA, China, Japan, South Korea etc.

Today in India, around 5 dozen plywood manufacturing plants are being set up with modern machines and technology, to produce Calibrated plywood. Another 50 manufacturing units are in process of converting into a high tech production system seeing huge demand from furniture sector. Seeing possibilities with no imports, more plywood establishments should think to turn into modern technology units that would produce good quality Calibrated Plywood. If one focuses on producing good quality plywood products, they don’t have much challenge due to alternate products.

This March issue has interaction with Mr. Nishant Agarwal, Director, Austin Plywood, who believes and focuses on quality and has been growing due to consistently offering quality products. Besides, a lot of market reports, raw materials price challenges, expansion and diversification reports, companies’ financial reports and product launches have been published. News reports related to brands like Century Ply, Greenply, Action Tesa, Greenlam, Merino, Greenpanel, Stylam, Rushil Décor, Amulya Mica, Sonear etc have been covered this issue along with technical developments, distributors & dealers’ views and many more happenings…

Ask your copy, write to us! Wishing all prosperous New FY 2021-22!

Rajiv Parashar

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