Antico Veneers: First Ever Exclusive Veneer Studio By Unity Group in Ludhiana

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Antico Veneers by Unity Group launches its first exclusive Veneer studio in Ludhiana, Punjab. Unity Group of Golden Plywood Industries Private Limited (since 1991), one of the pioneers in the northern India plywood industry have launched an exclusive Veneer studio in Ludhiana. In an interaction with Mr. Jaikaran Singh, Director, new Veneer division (Antico) emphasised on the growing market trend of natural and decorative veneers.

The segment is at its ever evolving state where it now attracts not just the fancy of architects, construction specialists, specific industrial builders but also the end use consumers. The eye for detail and specific R&D in the latest state of the art manufacturing unit is the key focus area and reason behind the continuous growth in the sector and establishment of Antico specifically.

Antico Veneers by Unity Group is known for its value based establishment which begins with a customer oriented approach and the attempt to stay laser focused to meet the needs of each customer in a unique way while attempting to balance and maintain a sustainable impact on the environment.

“At Antico Veneers, we value consistency in our work which comes with maintaining our product quality which is unmatched and unprecedented in the market. We care for our environment and believe that with increased use of natural veneers we can display our attempt to maintain a sustainable society for the years to come without compromising on the need of creative display of our spaces. Our Veneers are sourced from across the globe to ensure best quality and collection, added Mr. Jaikaran Singh.

“We at Antico have always envisioned to drift and create a changing perspective of the consumers of our products about the natural veneers and bring to them the knowledge of different species of trees which can be used as an alternative and in a sustainable manner to elevate the designs of their spaces to a more holistically creative and responsible way. We are the largest Veneer studio in Punjab with a collection of 500+ designs which help us cater to the specific needs of all industries, architects, furniture makers as well as the end use consumers,” He added further.

Antico Studio is divided into 5 patent categories of veneers names as PRAKRITI (range of natural veneers), VARA (range of exotic veneers), SATVIK (range of dyed veneers), AGNI (range of smoked veneers) and DHATU (range of metallic veneers) in line with our ideology of promotion of culturally and environmentally sustainable products. Each range of veneer is specifically curated and named after the Sanskrit name associated with the modern technique of veneer manufacturing and maintaining its authenticity as the name suggests.

Antico studio is a curation of the modern systematic segment of veneers with a touch and beauty of the past, inspired by the ancient times. “We aim to specialise and make the selection of products easy by specific categorisation of veneers and in-depth detailing behind each product to create not just customer awareness but also a niche in the market. We lay the foundation of our brand focusing and being devoted to customer servicing, authenticity, quality and our attempt to build a path breaking niche of sustainable yet beautiful spaces, said Mr. Jaikaran Singh Director Veneer division (Antico) Unity group


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