Shortage Leads Another Hike In Base Paper Prices

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Base Paper prices for laminate industry have expected 4th rise in last 4 months. Domestic Printers say that there is huge shortage of print base paper, which is mainly imported from China and there are shortage of supply for print base paper. They report that domestic printers have received the 50 percent of their requirements in March and April Months, and it is not expected to improve before July Month. Domestic printers also inform that there would be another hike of 5 to 6 percent in base paper prices in April month.

China based Printing companies also indicate another prices rise in base paper in April month of 4 to 5 %, due to high cost of Pulp paper and titanium. As per report, Base Paper prices have been noted to increase Rs. 50 to 60 per Kg, almost 20 to 25 percent from last 4 months that has impacted Laminates and Pre-lam Boards industries very much in India.

The scenario signifies that the testing times for laminate industries are not bringing any comfort soon, with no relief in rising raw material price trend. Over past 6 months every ingredient used in producing laminate has witnessed whopping jump in prices of decorative laminates and Prelaminated Boards. The Indian laminate manufacturers explained it as highest jump ever noted in one go, in Décor paper prices. This sudden rise has upset the entire cost sheet and viability of Laminate business including both HPL and LPL industry.

The unexpected jump has reported because Indian Laminate industry is largely depending of import from China, Europe, Japan and other countries. As per report, the décor base prices have jumped approximately 20 to 25 percent from all overseas countries in last 4 months.

Décor Paper importers and representatives of overseas décor paper companies are reportedly struggling to serve Indian laminate producers. The agents are unable to meet the supply deadline and finding in tight spot to deliver the commitments. There is reported delay of more than 30 days in many cases, hampering the supply of laminates to customers.

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