Saburi Plywood emerges as one of the reliable Calibrated Plywood brands

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Saburi Plywood has emerged as one of the reliable and leading manufacturer of superior quality Calibrated plywood in India. In a period of just 2 years of journey, the Saburi Plywood brand has been penetrating into the Indian market with high quality calibrated plywood and subsequently they expand into other engineered wood products that are in huge demand.

Saburi Plywood is produced through an automated manufacturing process which ensures uniform quality on every parameter. State-of-the-art machines that ensure perfection at every step, numerically controlled and calibrated temperature, pressure, and duration, and automated material transfer helps maintain quality and also conserves energy.

The in-house recycling process ensures maximum utilization of available raw materials, which enables the conservation of precious raw materials. A cutting-edge monitoring and quality control system maintains consistent and optimal moisture content, the thickness of the veneer, quality of veneer and adhesive spread, and all machinery operation. Only after a complete quality check is a material certified fit for sale.

With a humble beginning three decades ago by Chairman, Mr. Gajanand Munka in Kolkata, they aim to offer quality plywood and be a trustworthy partner for their plywood needs. As a group, they have 4 plywood manufacturing factories including film-faced shuttering plywood, PVC laminate unit, and Decorative door unit. The group is leading plywood, laminates, and other wood panel products marketing house of Eastern India. They import Gurjan Face Veneers in bulk volume from Burma and Indonesia.  

Saburi Plywood is supporting partners with Ply Reporter’s “Market Updates with Pragath Dvivedi”, which will broadcast on Ply Reporter’s Facebook page on 25 April, 2021 at 11.30 AM.

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