Timber merchant associations appeal to shut shops for a week

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With serge of covid cases and increasing pressure on health infrastructure, the situation is griming day by day. The health infrastructure giving its optimum level of support to the public in many parts of the country. The further surge in a number of covid patients will be unbearable and prove to be fatal.

Observing the situation New Delhi based Kriti Nagar New Timber Market Dealers Association has requested their members to keep shops and establishments closed for the next week also from 26 April to 02 May in Delhi. On a similar stand, Ahmedabad Timber Merchant Association also appealed to their members and trader fraternity to observe closer of shops and establishments from 23 April to 26 April till 8 am and partial opening from 26 to 30 April.  

Issuing a letter for their member, both associations view that the circumstances not conducive to open the market, even if Government orders a curfew/ lockdown to further date. For the safety of staffs, customers, and family members, they request to keep shops/establishments closed for another week.

The associations also appealed to maintain covid pandemic safety guidelines and one should venture out only if there is important and necessary. 

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