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Greenply Industries Ltd launched E0 Plywood and in fact all products coming out from Greenply factories are E0 products. The special launch of Greenply E0 products was done on Ply Reporter broadcasting social media platformson 24 April 2021 which received huge response from trade fraternity with more than 20000 viewers.

Addressing the audience in his inaugural speech Mr. Rajesh Mittal, CMD, Greenply Industries Limited said, “E0 is one of the one of the precious aspects of the safety of our health. When we think of any safer place to live-in that is our home, where we spend our quality time with our family. But, whether is it really safe? We think of its safety and always try to innovate something good for that. Initiatives are being taken across the world for making safer indoor air quality and innovation are being taken into paint, furnishing materials, plywood and other panel products that emits harmful gases.

One of the well-known gas is formaldehyde emission. A number of agencies in USA and Europe have set up a bench mark for manufacturers. Keeping that in mind Greenply is manufacturing products maintaining that high standard. To make our home safer and beautiful after an extensive research and R&D, Greenply feels proud by launching E0 grade plywood and block board with zero emission, thanks to our technical team.Today when people are much more health conscious, I believe that the trade community will definitely promote E0 products offerings by Greenply.


How one should move forward in such situation?

We were very much positive in the first wave of covid pandemic. Although the industry as well as people at large were had to bear lot of difficulties, but latter the market pickup well and the scenario was very good for all. Similarly, this time also we will come out of the crisis and forthcoming time will be very good. We cannot stop trade and business activities so we should move forward having precautions for safety and make a balance between living and livelihood.

How to maintain inventory?

Today there is not much fear despite large number of covid cases being reported. In this situation when the work is also going on so to a service point of view the dealers and distributors must have a general inventory and those who are making it large much reduce their inventory. I don’t think that there is a huge inventory lined up in the trade now whether it is organized or unorganized product. If we see Greenply specifically, we took big stapes last year to reduce the trade inventory and requesting others not to do so and distributors are also maintaining it. What service we can offer that inventory we must carry.

The situation is different from last lockdown, what is your view?

The case this time is not similar to last year lockdown. Today where ever is lockdown the supply is continue from go-downs despite lockdown in the city or districts in some parts in the country. Sites are working well and there is no stand still like situation. So, one should must have inventory to give service in the market.

On E0 norms in plywood

The focus on emission norms in India is less today but in other countries like USA and Europe even E1 and E2 furniture are not allowed. When we export from India all furniture should be made of E0 materials only. We have used only E0 products in our new made house. This is the need of the time for the industry as well as the country at large. We Indian talk about air quality out side the house and like to maintain its purity. It is also very much important to maintaining the indoor air quality where we sit and spend lot of time with our family.

How much time it will take to adopt this new innovation

Definitely India is a price sensitive market and calibrated plywood took 7 years to be adopted and become popular in the market, but first time when we had launched calibrated plywood it was being accepted from the day one. Those who focus on quality and a responsible trade people definitely promoted them right from the beginning. On the similar note in just one month of introduction of E0 plywood in the market over 15 dealers have shown interests in it and they really want to promote such product which focuses on health. We are getting very good response from the trade and architects fraternity. I hope it will continue and pick up more in one or two months. A number of manufacturers are also coming up E0 material to the market. I believe in coming times it will be good for all including the trade as well as the people in the country.

How much price increase of the product with new innovation?

We are innovating and improving the quality of any product doesn’t mean that its prices will be increased unreasonably. By developing such quality, we definitely spend a lot but we observed that cost ourself. This is not the case that we have passed it on the market. Further we will keep on observing that.

Mr. Manoj Tulsian, CEO, Greenply Industries Ltd -

The biggest challenge the country is facing in the short run is of course pandemic, but in the long run the biggest change before us is definitely pollution. This something where Greenply has come up with a very revolutionary product that is E0 plywood and block board which I am sure everyone will understand with awareness. I could not understand this concept initially as I was not associated with plywood industry but when I become a part of this journey, I understood what a splendid job out R&D team has done. I am clear with the fact that not only Greenply but the entire panel manufacturing will look at manufacturing E0 product because this is something which is going to help and improve the indoor air quality.

Today we understand the relevance of being at home as since last 15 months we all are working from homes. We understand out kids spend lot of time being inside the home. To give them quality environment at home is our responsibility. It’s a social responsibility and I think we need to work towards this. The more we create awareness the faster it would be. We need to work hard to see that entire country adopt this. Some of the leading countries have already adopted this, they are much ahead of us. I request all those agencies which create standards like BIS, to look at this closely and try bring it to all wooden panel products. It we can do it that would be a great advantage to our country.

E0 or emission zero in broader prospective means we are not adding any new emissions to the atmosphere where we are living. Greenply as a company has got into this act and it is doing through various innovative ways

Mr. Subir Palit, Country Head, Greenply Industries Ltd -

With regards to the future of our loved ones, the kids and the planets as well, E0 or emission zero in broader prospective means we are not adding any new emissions to the atmosphere where we are living. Greenply as a company has got into this act and it is doing through various innovative ways, thanks to our R&D team and technical people in the company. Various innovative things are aligned to environmental and societal growth and improve overall quality of life.

Most of us overlook or are not aware of the emission which comes out of toxic compound inside our homes. Normal feeling is that when I come inside home I am safe, but actually outside there is a fear of infection and inside there is a fear of emission. There are many studies done in US and Europe which claims that the internal interior environment is more toxic. My request to the trade partners and associates that this is a time when we need to be responsible towards our customers.

Mr Partha Nath, DGM, Greenply Industries Ltd -

In the laboratory we are continuously doing stringent test with the product we manufacture for health and quality standard. When we talk about air pollution which comes to our mind is the black gases coming out from cards and industrial chimneys. We think that the outside air is continuously polluted but do we think and know that the air inside can be polluted as much as the air outside?

Plywood manufactured across the globe with the adhesive which inherently have formalin in it. Formalin is a liquid which is dissolved into gaseous form which is called formaldehyde. It has several health effects with respect to long term and short-term exposer. In case of short-term exposers, we can have eyes, nose, throat, skin irritation and with respect to long term exposer we can have asthma as well as lung cancer. CARB has set three standards in terms of formaldehyde emission E2, E1 and E0.E0 is highest standard with respect to formaldehyde emissions which is called as Zero Emission. Greenply follows zero emission with plywood manufactured by them.

During the launch – A conversation with Mr. Manoj Tulsian and Mr. Subir Palit

Mr Subit Palit says : Nothing comes free in this world, so there is definitely some additional cost for bringing this innovative product in the market. But we have observed that cost to the company level. Is there any logic to pay for a health hazard? I think health is priceless.

The plywood used in 90 percent of government or specified projects are having written fire retardant. It is different thing that international practices are not being followed today in India.In India the onus is on the owner as well as the companies who checks for the specified norms. So, the realization is that fire retardant is mentioned in specifically hospitality or health projects which are being done by government as well as private specifiers. So, I see a rainbow, this is a matter or time. I am sure if all trade fraternity, interior designers, architects and trade partners supported us people will realize the importance of properties E0 and they will start specifying this.

Manoj Tulsiyan says: We will have to create awareness; it is not about choice but a compulsion today. India is a middle-income class country and most of the people have their house once and they think that their furnishing done once to its perfection. So, this is one time expenditure but the results for the years to come. The emission is a continuous process and goes on through out life of the product and polluting the O2 of the house. So, it’s all about creating awareness, not a cost factor. Today people are moving towards organic food which is even ten times costlier to the same normal bite. So, it’s a matter of creating awareness. If BIS adopts it, that will a great achievement of Greenply.

The first priority to a business is to make profit. Profit is nothing but a percent income of a total capital invested to the business. What is important is the ROCE (Return on capital employed). For it the most important is receivable management of inventory. We have seen larger businesses, so it is our responsibilities to improve the business profitability to our associates. So, today most important is to have return on invested capital. what we call it inventory turn. So, optimalisation of inventory is very important. Today when you are having turnover of 5 lakh per month and maintaining inventory of Rs 40 lakh you cannot make money to a good level. It will look profitable but the hidden loss in this lager investment does not appear. In this way the dealer think that from a certain brand or company he is not able to make money,

We will have to create awareness; it is not about choice but a compulsion today. India is a middleincome class country and most of the people have their house once and they think that their furnishing done once to its perfection. So, this is one time expenditure but the results for the years to come. The emission is a continuous process and goes on through out life of the product and polluting the O2 of the house.

but as he maintains the right inventory deepening on the lead time his profitability will be higher in terms of ROCE.


Must understand the norms related to emissions and health hazards and do not compromise with the health by using hazards material for a bit costlier product that can save your life and longevity. Be ready to pay because it is one time cost for the safety of your life.

Covid will not be affecting us much and we will be marching forward bravely, but we will have to keep precautions and trade must support it. We should not be fearful and stop the business operations and rotation. We have learned a lot from the past experiences.

Greenply all products coming out from the factory will be having E0 normsthat show the resolution of the company to its responsibility towards society.

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