AIPMA decides to increase prices on Plywood by 7% and Shuttering by Rs 2/sq ft

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Due to high rate of timber, chemical and other raw materials’ prices, AIPMA has decided to increase the rate of plywood with immediate effect.


A virtual meeting of plywood producers from all over the country was organized today (23rd July) under the Chairmanship of Mr. Devender Chawala, President of All India Plywood Manufacturers’ Association (AIPMA), in which the price of plywood have been increased by 7 percent and shuttering plywood by Rs 2 per square foot.

The decision has been implemented with immediate effect. The members of the association said that the prices of timber have increased significantly in last 15 days, due to which their cost has increased significantly. Along with this, the price of other chemicals like phenol, formaldehyde and fuel like diesel, etc. has also increased.


AIPMA also said that with the consent of the member that the Garth of timber is reducing, for which a limit needs to be fixed. The association is also serious about the rise in the price of formaldehyde, and the association is keeping a close watch on it. The association also said that plywood producers should set their credit time in the market up to 30 days, and everyone should strictly adhere to it, as producers no longer get credit for their raw materials purchases.

Mr. Devender Chawala, President, AIPMA told the Ply Reporter that the decision has been taken to increase the rate with the consent of all the members, as the cost of production of their products has increased significantly due to rising cost of various raw materials. The chairman of the association, Mr. Naresh Tiwari said that the increased rate will be considered effective immediately.


During the meeting many other industry personalities were giving their opinion that includes: Mr. Ashok Agarwal, UP; Mr. Sanjay Garg, UP; Mr. Bimal Chopra, Yamunanagar; Mr. Virendra Jindal, UP; Vishal Juneja, Punjab; Mr. Manish Kedia, Delhi; Mr. Anil Garg, Yamunanagar; Mr Sandeep Jindal, Uttarakhand; Mr. Gurupreet Kataria, Punjab; Mr. Vikas Khanna, Delhi; Mr. Pragat Dvivedi, Ply Reporter; Mr. Arun Mongia and Chachaji, Yamunanagar;  Mr. Rakesh Khurana, Yamunanagar, etc.  

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