TESA HDHMR BOARD: The Multiutility Solution

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Cafeteria  Gym

 Desk & Lockers

 Schools & Colleges

 Hospital

 Office & Residential Area

 Kitchen Shutter

 Furniture

 Areas exposed to moisture Door Shutters

 Packing Industry

 Partitions

 Election Cut-outs Or similar application

Customers always look for an innovative products that relieves them from the hassles of traditional products. Action TESA understood the need for a product and introduced HDHMR Boards that is Durable, Value of Money, Time saving with modern designs. It’s more than a decade since HDHMR Board was launched and today it is being considered better substitute of plywood and is replacing the same in both residential and commercial projects.

Action TESA HDHMR brings you high-quality boards at affordable prices. Action TESA HDHMR boards made up of 100% recyclable material with the best quality standards which provide a durable and long-lasting life. These boards are manufactured using hard wood hence its density is greater than any other boards available in the market. It isstronger and highly moisture resistant, which makes it a perfect choice in extreme moist climatic conditions or areas. These boards have uniform density & compact core,using special German Technology.

HDHMR Board: Ready to use Board, best suited for post lamination, polishing, engraving, Cost Effective, Borer and termite resistance, Antiviro and 7-year warranty.

Action TESA HDHMR Boards offer immense benefits that you can't afford to refuse like, increasing the life of your furniture, reducing the maintenance cost to almost zero and water resistant ability,Action TESA HDHMR Boards are environment-friendlyas compared to traditional plywood.

Today, Action TESA HDHMR is the most preferred product, both in the home & office furniture segments. Excellent performance of these boards has succeeded in overcoming the traditional myth regarding plywood pertaining to toughness & longevity amongst the masses.

We have initiated the revolution with our HDHMR Boards and now, we invite you to be a part of this revolution and take the panel industry to the next step towards the future. HDHMR is indigenously and exclusively manufactured and supplied by Action TESA in India.

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