What Is High-Density, High Moisture Resistant MDF?

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If given a choice to pick between engineered MDF and solid wood for our furniture and interior décor needs, most of us would choose solid wood. Why? Because the perception is that furniture made with solid wood represents superior quality, the products are more durable, it's easy to clean and maintain, and it has better value in the long run. However, there are certain downsides of using solid wood, like moisture can be an issue, it is vulnerable to both heat and cold, and it can quickly become a victim of termites and other pest infestations.

To combat all this and more, we have medium-density fibreboards to our rescue. It is an engineered wood that is as good as wood. MDF is made by breaking down hardwood into wood fibres, combining it with a resin binder and wax to form panels made using high temperature and pressure. Now that we know how MDF is made let's understand what high density moisture resistant MDF is? Century Prowud Premium Plus is synonymous with high density moisture-resistant MDF .


Century Prowud Premium Plus is highly versatile and suitable for specialised applications that require unique shapes or intricate designs. The superior technical features of Premium Plus provide strength and durability even under harsh conditions. The product fulfils almost every criteria any customer could ask for. From being Borer, Termite and Fungus Resistant to High Moisture Resistant, Premium Plus is an unmatched Routing Grade Product made with a High Density and to a higher standard. The quality of fibre used for making Premium Plus sets it apart from any other product in this category.

Offering an unparalleled warranty for 5 years, Century Prowud Premium Plus is perfect for creating durable furniture of all shapes and sizes, as well as stunning interiors. Premium Plus is ideal for cutting, machining, and drilling since it does not chip easily. Its chipping-free edges can easily be moulded to create durable and elegant home décor. The wide range of Premium Plus allows complete design flexibility and a plethora of textures and options lend your spaces a luxurious touch. Moreover, it is denser, more robust, easy-to-maintain, and affordable.

Each board is quality checked at 128 individual points and comes with the assurance of uniform and high density, smoothness, and resistance to adverse environments. The high moisture resistance properties of Century Prowud Premium Plus make it perfect for use in even damp and humid conditions. These panels are most suitable for kitchen and bathroom furniture applications, wall panelling, furniture making, washrooms, and door manufacturing. The highdensity, high moisture-resistant MDF is designed for interior applications where moisture is a concern. It is engineered to resist elevated moisture and humidity that is generally found in sink bases, dishwasher enclosures, laundry areas, bathroom cabinets, kitchen cabinets, window boards, and outdoor furniture.

Offering an unparalleled warranty for 5 years, Century Prowud Premium Plus is perfect for creating durable furniture of all shapes and sizes, as well as stunning interiors


Century Prowud Premium Plus is less expensive and more affordable than natural wood. Moreover, it is free of defects like knots and cracks, usually found in natural wood.

Premium Plus can be used in a greater variety of applications than the standard MDF.

It is easy to finish and process. One can easily put various coatings and paints on Premium Plus. Therefore, making it suitable for creating different kinds of furniture and décor as per one's need & liking.

Can glue various veneers, adhesive papers, decorative panels, light metal sheets, and other materials on the surface to give it a distinctive look.

The high moisture-resistant property of Premium Plus doesn't let the furniture warp under the influence of steam. Hence, providing better durability.

Premium Plus can fight moisture damage and dry out over long periods. Thus, avoiding damage due to rotting and warping. This also makes Century Prowud Premium Plus suitable for areas with high moisture like kitchens and bathrooms.

Century Prowud Premium Plus offers a wide range of MDF panels in different grades and a variety of sizes/ thicknesses. Available in both plain and prelaminated variants, the Century Prowud Premium Plus provides performance that even the wood would envy. The high uniform and high-density MDF boards are very compact with uniform fibre density throughout. Their homogeneous construction makes them suitable for consistent application. Apart from providing resistance to adverse environments like heat and humidity, Premium Plus also has the power to fight all the attackers like borers & termites. Thus, ensuring greater durability. The Virokill feature kills 99.99% of viruses, making it easy to maintain hygiene in these unprecedented COVID times.

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