Exclusive Furniture Designs Made With MDF

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Why does furniture have to be regular? We believe your interior décor somewhat reflects your taste and lifestyle, and therefore, it has to be something special and out of the box. Today, one has many colours, styles, and materials to experiment with and create durable yet classy & modern furniture.

Bring out your artistic self, yearn for more comfort, and seek innovation with Century Prowud MDF. The versatile, flexible, adaptable, and economical MDF can be routed, cut, and perforated in any direction to create futuristic masterpieces that you desire 


The compact, dense, and homogenous nature of MDF open diverse possibilities to reinvent and bring your creative vision alive. It would be correct to say that MDF broadens one's horizon of innovative and exclusive furniture designs.

Here are exclusive pieces of furniture that can be easily made with MDF.


We all have that storage or loft spaces in our homes that are too high for anyone to access, right? And for this very reason, we mostly avoid using it. Here's a solution for you – THE SMART STAIRCASE STORAGE!

Ideal for small and cosy homes, this storage is easy to access and creates significant room for storage purposes. Drawers are stacked one over the other, and the vertical set allows you to use it as a climbing ladder


Confused about whether you should pick a sofa or a dining table for your tiny living room? Go for THE MULTIFUNCTIONAL SOFA that can easily be converted into a couch when you want to relax or watch your favourite TV show. You can convert it into a dining table with padded stools when you have guests coming over for dinner.


Be always party-ready with an expandable mobile dining unit. The party dining table can be expanded and contracted to accommodate 2 to 8 guests, ideal for small families and when unexpected guests come over.


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