MERINO Refuses laminate price decrease, leading BRANDS also deny any Reduction

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The leading Indian Decorative Laminates brands have refused to offer any price reduction in the present scenario. The pioneer brands in the laminate segment such as Greenlam, Merino, Century Laminate and AICA Laminate have made their stand clear stating 'no such possibility at all in near terms'.

A release issued by management of 'Merino Industries Ltd' clearly denied the possibility of reducing laminate prices saying reduction in raw materials prices are not adequate enough to decrease the prices. The letter states ‘‘It has come to notice that a few players in the Laminates industry have decreased prices of their products in the last two days. The current situation of high Raw Material cost which is hitting us continuously and our past Price increases are not sufficient to cover the cost increase, so there will be no Price Drops from our side”. The Merino letter reads "seeing the current Raw Material situation, they might be forced to take another round of Price Increase, for which an advance communication will be given to you from their side, whenever such a thing is planned”.

Talking to The Ply Reporter, Mr Manoj Lohia, Director, Merino Industries Ltd said "this is not the right time to reduce prices instead, the ocean freight from most of Asian countries is very high from where most of the raw materials of HPL are arriving”. Also, the present Melamine Prices are temporarily down which may certainly escalate due to imminent supply crunch said Mr Lohia. He said that Merino stand is clear on not reducing prices instead, it may increase prices in time to come.

Mr Raj Patel, Director, Royale Touche denied any possibility of reduction in prices. The same stand is taken by Mr Manav Gupta, Director, Stylam Industries ltd. Brands like Amulya Mica, AICA Laminates too have refused to announce any price reduction in decorative laminates any time sooner. 

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