Decorative Panels: Practical Use of Folders Will Save Money! - Rajiv Parashar, Editor, Ply Reporter

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I recently saw, during an exhibition in Mumbai, that the owner of a decorative panel product catalogue clearly refused to give folder for free basis, and said that he has made a policy to charge an amount for this folder, if anyone wants. It felt good to see his attitude, because he said, “If a dealer buys folder, he handles it carefully and consequently there is 100% chance of converting into business.” He further said that if folders are given free, the chances are less likely that he will do regular business with him, “Hence why would he take a risk of distributing folder for free, if there is lesser chance of business conversion.”

Decorative laminates industries have been facing the same issue with trend of free distribution of catalogue. Distributors ask more folders, and companies are send them, and finally there is less records at distributors end that how much business is being done on his side after getting a free catalogue. Although, many companies now send catalogue as per their sales numbers and ratio of sheets sale, but it is often ignored especially when new catalogue comes in.

Catalogue is the most important tool for promoting and offering a laminate brand and product, the seeing the cut throat competition and pressure on margins, the accountability of folders should be fix. Producers and distributors should collectively come forward of a solution, and they should fix the accountability of every stakeholder to stop misuse of folders, which cost a significant amount to a company, industry and trade.

There should be strict course of action prepared by industries and trades bodies, make a policy of folder’s distribution, drive awareness among retailers to understand the value of such good resource, come forward to save good money to the industry, save environments and educate your customers and users. The collective efforts will definitely save crores of industry money, but to make it more effective. Industry should come forward first with the clear message and solution.

This issue has many new reports related to plywood, MDF, Laminates, Timber, Particle Boards, Decorative Veneers, etc along with products launches, innovations, announcements, expansion etc. The issue also contains the view of Mr. Keshav Bhajanka of Century Ply, Mr. Manoj Lohia of Merino and Mr. Devender Chawla, President, AIPMA on present market scenario. The brief coverage of different brands and products during recently held exhibition in Mumbai also featured in this issue. Apart from this many happenings, dealers’ meet, award ceremonies etc has covered. January issue will be featured the predictions of 2022 with all uncertainty on new variant of Covid worldwide.

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Rajiv Parashar

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