Office & Readymade Furniture Helping Particle Boards Demand

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Particle board industries are witnessing robust demand from last two quarters. There are reports of waiting period for quality particle board is running from 15 days to even 40 days from manufacturers end. The crunch in particle board supplies are largely attributed due to sudden surge in demand by readymade furniture makers across the country. The shortage in international market is also fuelling gap in Indian market.

The particle board producers are upbeat by the ongoing acceptance of domestic produced boards but organised OEMs are not to supply the materials and they have utilized its full capacity in present time. Producers say that they have received very good demand from everywhere either retail or OEMs. Presently India has more than 60 particle board producers that includes big and small and each of them are happy with present flow of orders which are led by furniture maker’s demand.

OEMs are packed with orders, occupied queries and quotations. The offices are reopening everywhere hence interior modernisation is at full swing. With growing office furniture demand and beginning of many office projects, the demand is reportedly bullish. The orders coming from big commercial offices, e-commerce and tech- startups is also helping PB demand flow. Since e-commerce, e-retailers and IT offices are opening up now, the tech industry is consuming furniture at ease now.

A Pune based OEMs says that their customers are asking to complete projects as soon as possible because many companies are not much interested to continue work from home, if the Covid Cases remain in control in coming months. As per report, there are full-fledged demands of Particle boards in metro cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Surat, Hyderabad, Delhi-NCR etc

A Delhi-NCR based OEMs says that he has a huge order of readymade home furniture demand also and he needs a huge volume of Particle Boards for smooth supply of furniture to meet demand. OEMs informed that earlier, customers were brought readymade furniture from China and other countries, now they buy furniture from Indian producers.

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