Plywood Manufacturers Satish Chopal and Rajesh Maskara Becomes Members of Yamunanagar Traders Welfare Board

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Haryana Government has recently constituted Haryana Traders Welfare Board, under which appointments have been made at the district level by creating District Advisory Committee Board. With this initiative Mr Manoj Gupta, a businessman of Jagadhri and President of Agrawal Sabha has been given the responsibility of District President from Yamunanagar.

Along with him the district executive committee has also been appointed having 11 traders including Mr Satish Chopal who were made members of Yamunanagar Traders Welfare Board. The others include: Mr Sachdev Chugh, Mr Gaurav Kamboj, Mr Vishal Khanna, Mr Sajal Kumar Jain, Dr. DC Agarwal, Mr Satish Chopal, Mr Rajesh Maskara, Mr Praveen Gandhi, Mr Devendra Bansal, Mr Sandeep Kumar, Mr Mangatram Oberoi etc.

After the arrangement of the Yamunanagar Traders Welfare Board to look after the problems of the traders, the entire team thanked the Education Minister Kanwarpal Gurjar for his contribution in forming the district board. Mr Manoj Gupta said that he will take the whole team along for the development of the region. Every effort will be made to solve the problems of the traders.

He said that Yamunanagar Board has been constituted under the guidance of Education Minister Kanwarpal. The government has run many schemes for the traders, so to increase the business in the district the traders should take maximum advantage of the government schemes. Yamunanagar Ply Board Manufacturers Association President Mr JK Bihani and Mr Ajay Maniktala honored Mr Satish Choupal and Mr Rajesh Maskara for becoming members of Traders Welfare Board.

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