Dolby Mica, (Pegasus Panels Private Limited,)

Navi Mumbai , Maharashtra

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Dolby Mica was started in the year 2017 and within just a year’s time, Dolby Mica has influenced laminate markets in India to look at the imaginative possibilities in laminates. Dolby Mica specializes in the production of specially curated laminates in the 1.00 mm thickness range. Dolby Mica may be a new company, but it has broken all stereotypes of the same.

Dolby Mica belongs to the house of Pegasus Panels Private Limited, a joint venture between Asiatic Marketing Private Limited, Mumbai and Kachchh Veneers Private Limited, Gandhidham. Having garnered a cumulative experience of 25 years in the business of interior design and architecture products from its parent companies, the company has leveraged their collective core competencies and expertise to produce laminates of the best quality.

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