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Metallic Look Veneer is the Latest Trend in Indian Decorative Veneer Industry

Metallic Decorative Veneer demand is the new fad, helping the retail showroom owners in India.

Friday, 08 February 2019, 4 Min Read

मेटालिक डेकोरेटिव विनियर की बढ़ती प्रवृत्ति

Metallic Decorative Veneer demand is the new fad, helping the retail showroom owners in India. Ply Reporter survey found that market for metallic look veneers

Wednesday, 14 November 2018, 4 Min Read

Calibrated Plywood Manufacturing Trend Boost ‘Core Veneer Composer’ Demand

The growing demand of Calibrated plywood from furniture manufacturers and surfacing needs is leading to curiosity for installing 8x4 ft line in the ply manufacturing process. The users are acknowledging the use of this plywood in furniture, beds, kit

Friday, 22 September 2017, 4 Min Read

Action Tesa Laminate Flooring Introduces Many New Trends to The Indian Market

Action TESA Flooring is manufactured by Direct Pressure Laminated (DPL) flooring process where in the anti-abrasive aluminium oxide overlay along with the melamine impregnated decorative film is directly fused with the core substrate & the balancing

Friday, 07 July 2017, 4 Min Read


European based décor paper and plates producers influence design trend in High Pressure Laminate and Flooring industry worldwide. Emerging social, economic and design trends from around the world influence interior designers.

Thursday, 29 June 2017, 3 Min Read

Decorative veneers demand revives slowly

Decorative veneers demand seems to be picking up slowly after a very lean phase during January to March. With the flow of work in commercial spaces, offices, restaurants and clubs, individual renovation of apartments and hospitality sector.

Monday, 05 June 2017, 4 Min Read