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Alstone Continues Awareness Drive

Last month, September was sizzling and happening at Alstone, who took part in various events recently and received very good response from the, dealers, distributors, contractors, carpenter and the customers.

Tuesday, 22 October 2019, 4 Min Read

Branded WPC-PVC Boards’ Demand Witness Growth

The market of PVC and WPC board is starting to mature with rise in acceptance of quality proven names. The slow and steady rise in presence of branded WPC-PVC boards

Saturday, 14 September 2019, 5 Min Read

ब्रांडेड डब्ल्यूपीसी-पीवीसी बोर्ड की मांग में वृद्धि

क्वालिटी के लिए जाना जाने वाले नामी प्लेयर्स की स्वीकृति बढ़ने से पीवीसी और डब्ल्यूपीसी बोर्ड का बाजार परिपक्व होने लगा है। ब्रांडेड डब्ल्यूपीसी-पीवीसी बोर्ड का ग्रोथ धीरे धीरे डीलरों के सोच में बदलाव को दर्शाता है

Saturday, 14 September 2019, 5 Min Read

लकड़ी की बढ़ती कीमतों के बीच इम्पोर्टेड लॉग और कोर की तलाश जारी

पोपलर की कीमतें 1000 रुपये प्रति टन पर पहुंच चुकी है, जिससे प्लाइवुड, पार्टिकल बोर्ड और एमडीएफ उत्पादकों की कीमतों पर इसका प्रभाव देखा जा रहा हैं। लेकिन इससे प्लाइवुड उद्योग सबसे अधिक प्रभावित हो रहा हैं, क्योंकि कोर विनियर काफी हद तक 16 इंच से अधिक

Friday, 06 September 2019, 2 Min Read

Visaka to Increase the Capacity of ‘Fibre Cement Board’, Set up a New Line in Tamil Nadu

Visaka Industries Ltd, a diversified company manufacturing sustainable products for the construction and textile industries, has announced the expansion of its Vnext division with a new plant in Tamil Nadu

Wednesday, 28 August 2019, 5 Min Read

Alstone Participates at 9th Vinyl India Held in Mumbai

ALSTONE participated at 9th Vinyl India held in Mumbai on April 16, 2019. The event was organized by recently Reliance and Elite Plus.

Monday, 01 July 2019, 3 Min Read

Cork Edgeband First Time in the World by Proadec

Proadec brings cork into the furniture manufacturing and the interior design segments a completely new, fashionable and 100% eco-friendly edgebanding under the motto

Friday, 28 June 2019, 4 Min Read

Amul Boards, Amulya Mica & Amulya WPC Organize ‘All India Sales Meet’ at Gandhidham

Gandhidham, Gujarat based Plywood & Laminates company Amul Boards Pvt. Ltd., maker of 'AMUL' & 'SAKET' Ply and Purbanchal Laminates Pvt. Ltd, maker of 'AMULYA MICA' & 'AMULYA WPC'

Tuesday, 25 June 2019, 5 Min Read

CPI Tegus Introduces Flexilam for Doors and Melamine Edge Band Tape for Furniture Industry

CPI Tegus, a family owned company from Brazil has introduced flexilam - flex board laminates and melamine edge banding in India.

Wednesday, 05 June 2019, 4 Min Read

Amulya Mica Offers Complete Range of Interior and Exterior Decoration Solutions

Amulya Mica presented complete range of interior and exterior decoration solutions. The visitors and industry professionals experienced the magic of laminates, WPC & PVC Board.

Sunday, 26 May 2019, 3 Min Read