Thin MDF Production Set to Rise in India

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According to latest reports, the existing MDF manufacturers such as Shirdi Industry, Rushil Décor, P- decor have planned to enter into thin MDF manufacturing and placed orders for new lines for thin MDF production aiming to begin manufacturing in immediate future. Century Ply MDF units in Punjab also has started its commercial production and they are also planning to introduce a range of thin MDF as well. Two more lines are expected to come for thin MDF manufacturing in North India, and their production will come within a year. Presently, Action Tesa is only MDF producer, which has dedicated lines for thin MDF production.

The demand for thin MDF of below 6 mm has been rising steadily over the years in India. On the contrary, the growth in manufacturing of this thickness category was stagnant. The widening demand and domestic supply gap lead to the new opportunity in thin MDF segment for few existing players who are looking at growth in market share. So far big quantity of thin MDF is being imported in India from Thailand and Vietnam. Some Thailand based companies are mainly exporting thin MDF to India because they have dedicated manufacturing facility so they offer very attacking prices as well. VRG Dongwha has recently started their Thin MDF production line in Vietnam and the company has set a target to cater India’s demand also.

India consumes the huge quantity of thin MDF (below 6 mm) because of increasing so many applications and usages. Its demand has been reported to grow multifold during last 4 years due to increasing consumption for making Photo frames, Shoe heels, Gift box, door skins, display boards, slates etc. Thin MDF is a suitable all-rounder substrate for multiple applications in surface décor, unique creative design in furniture, routing and other surfacing requirements. The commencement of new lines in thin MDF manufacturing segment will boost the prospects for Make in India at the same time it will require more wood resource for such industries.


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