WPC Capacity Unutilized Owing to Technical People Shortage

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The fastest growing WPC/PVC foam board is struggling because of shortage of learned technocrats for manufacturing. The reports from various companies confirmed that they are unable to utilize their capacity because they don’t have trained personnel to run the plant smoothly. The recent Ply Reporters’ survey finds that this product category is unable to remain consistent in quality so easily for which technocrats are needed but are not there. Reports point out that WPC segment is hardly able to utilize their 50 percent of production capacity that too with lot of hurdles. The present hurdles in manufacturing process of screw and PP flow is not being attained properly hence there is flurry of B grade WPC material in the market. 

Majority of manufacturers have admitted that same formulation and machine behave differently in a strange manner next day which remains beyond handling capacity of present ad-hock supervisors turned production managers. That is why they are not able to supply consistent qualities to market resulting in increasing quality complain also. It is noted that WPC/PVC foam board industry in India is in very nascent stage and there is no government or private training center for training technical people. Since PVC foaming machines are supplied by Chinese companies who are not contributing to any training effort once the line starts operating.

The Ply Reporter has published that WPC/PVC foam board industry has registered the fastest growing panel sector and the production capacity is tripled with more than 100 manufacturing establishments during last three years. The demand for this product is growing due to its termite and water resistance properties. The growing demand of WPC/PVC foam board has attracted number of big business houses as well and leaders like Century Ply, Greenply, Sintex etc are started offering these products. Mid-level companies like Amulya Group, Black Cobra Group, Ashoka Foam, TVL Engineers etc are also entered into manufacturing of WPC/PVC foam board. The big giant like Reliance Industries has also entered into this segment by offering compounds for wood composites. But there is no one making any efforts for the ever-widening gap in demand and supply of Technical people in PVC foaming segment.

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