PVC Boards And WPC Door Frames to Grow

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India is a unique market for products in its own way as the consumers learn and evolve by using a product it their own found applications. Year 2017 witnessed a steady rise of PVC/WPC factories and a gradual demand in the products. The quality of PVC boards has become a talking point among users and sellers hence in 2018 we anticipate a better prospects for quality making brands in India.

With more than 100 players in WPC and PVC board and mica segment, the awareness is spreading fast. In year 2018, the demand for WPC PVC boards is expected to touch 1500 Cr with a growth of 20 percent compared to previous year.

The new product categories like WPC door frames and profiles are adding the viability quotient for the popular brands in this category. Year 2018 is expected to support PVC laminate makers over imported sheets because the quality and design option have been tested and accepted in the country. At present Indian PVC sheet producers have captured 35 to 40 percent of the total demand rest is still supported by Chinese imports.

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