Core Veneer Composers are being Abandoned, Due to Pressure of Cheap Plywood

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The chat for setting up ‘Core Veneer Composer’ was viral in the beginning of the year 2018 and its affect was seen during an exhibition held in Bangalore in March 2018, where a dozen of China made Core Veneer Composer Machinery makers and suppliers were showcasing their services and machines. During April plywood industry talked much of these machines, more than 100 queries of Core Veneer Composers were floating in the market. Machinery suppliers received confirmed orders of more 50 machines, and many were reported to push for earliest supply.

But, the momentum of ‘Core Veneer Composer’ queries and installations were on halt after second half of the year, because plywood industry was caught under pressure due to tight payments and orders. The spiraling prices of different raw materials and increasing supply of finished goods in the market, also created burden to the industry resultantly the profit margins squeezed and producers find him in tough position in present time. Most of the old orders were reported to keep on hold temporary and producers are delaying due to the confusion of not getting advantage of installation of these machines at their manufacturing. Hardly, half a dozen of ‘Core Veneer Composers’ has been reported to run efficiently which was installed in this year.

It is noted that growing demand of good quality Calibrated plywood attracts manufacturers to install ‘Core Veneer Composers and plywood producers see the advantage of Core Composers machines for future benefit. But, the industry also indicates that plywood producers are suffering technical glitches in smooth operation of Veneer Core Composer Machines in India due to non- availability of adequate quality timber and operators. However, the suppliers of these machines in India are confident of smooth functioning and saying that they have bought those machines which are suitable for India condition.

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