Interview with Mr. Mehul Agarwal, Director, Dolby MICA

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DOLBY Mica Folder with ‘Surface Matters’ the Me catches Market attention

DOLBY Mica has unveiled new folder with innovative theme 'Surface Matters' packed with lifestyle laminates range in 1 mm thickness. This folder has included more than dozens of new textures and colors along with new finish in Anti - Finger Laminates. Mehul Agarwal, Director of the company explained the new features this folder during a quick chat with the Ply Reporter.

Q. The theme of new Dolby Mica folder is ‘Surface Matters’, what is the concept behind it?

A. SURFACE MATTERS – IT’S DEEP. We care about how interiors looks like, what laminates of Dolby feels like, the impact on the people that uses Dolby Mica, the texture when you touch it. We care about design as we are passionate about well-made spaces that stand the test of time and make you want to hang around a little longer. To sum up its- Strategic Imagination, Smart Risk-Taking, Resiliency, Agility, and Focus on Future are the concepts behind it.

Q. What is the designs speciality in new folder?

A. In an increasingly competitive environment, we had to bring the latest designing needs in a way that is ‘better’ than competitive offerings. Surface Matters by Dolby Mica is different and has a unique market with which it is attempting to connect. We are trying to appeal to our customer’s lifestyles, tailor every element of our catalogue to our targeted audience, keeping Dolby Mica as our focus. Our tag line - ‘IMAGINE • IMPLEMENT’ is a powerful message to our trade fraternity and our associates. We believe what the audience imagines is all available in our catalogue which helps them to implement in real. We have a wide range of laminates for both Urban and Rural market with eye-catching design, smart layouts and appealing application images. You can experience elegance yet trendy designs blended with warmth of soft textures. Use our materials + knowledge to make the most of your next design project with Dolby Mica.

Q. You have introduced new ‘ Anti Finger laminates’, what is the speciality and application of this range?

A. Dolby Mica - Anti - fingerprint range is a decorative laminate that can be used in the most demanding interior design applications. In the kitchen, on furniture, bar counters and walls: Dolby anti - mark laminates radiates extreme aesthetic appeal with its silky soft, warm structure. It almost appears as if you could dive into the rich deep colour. This range is the perfect surface solution for designers requiring a surface that offers the highest standards. This unique technology ensures that finger marks are almost never seen thereby substantially reducing the effort required for care and maintenance. Experience the special feel for yourself, touch the surface and feel the difference.

Q. You have also presented ‘Solid Colors’ in innovative way, please explain the reason!

A. Color is a tricky thing. We had to use it in the right way, at the right sections, for the right audience, and for the right purpose. Our connection to color is actually evolutionary ! We love pastel shades and follow closely upcoming Pantone shades. Our library at office has hundreds of materials from small samples to larger sheet. In this catalogue we have introduced soothing pastels colour which are new in the International market. These colors are combined with wooden and abstract designs to break monotony in the laminate folder. Showing solid colours on initial pages of the catalogue is an experiment and we hope this will be welcomed by our trade fraternity.

Q. In totality, what is your message to dealers about new folder?

A. Thanks to all our dealers and customers for inspiring us to do common things in an uncommon way. In this folder you will experience series of fresh innovation like anti finger print mark laminates, color core, unique pastel colors and introduction of new textures with lots of abstract and wooden designs. The aim of marketing is to know and understand our customers so well that the product fits them and sells itself. In this catalogue you will find vivid twist on every turn.

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