Burma Face Veneer Becoming Affordable, Supply Improves

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Face veneer procurement is no more challenging, because industry is getting sufficient quantity of different species of face from Gabon, China, Indonesia, and now affordable Burma. Four years back, Indian plywood industry depended on Myanmar for red Gurjan face veneer but with soaring prices, market slowly shifted to other sources and species. Now with affordability in sight, Gurjan face suppliers are once again hoping to find buyers.

Plywood manufacturers confirm 'they are receiving reasonably priced offer of Burmese Gurjan face Veneer although, Indonesian face veneers is further cheaper by 10 - 15 % . There is a price correction of up to 50 Dollar being witnessed in Indian trade circuits hence face veneer availability has eased tremendous for manufacturers. Although on one side where Gabon producers tell their rising Okoume log prices reason and hence higher Okoume face prices, the Myanmar based face veneer producers indicate a further price cut in Gurjan logs, if auction price goes down.

The Rule - Regulations and prices of Gurjan logs at Myanmar has led to closure of more than a dozen face producing units namely that belonged to Archid ply, Swastik, Sudima & Alishan, Austin etc though few of them are producing only plywood. The key reason for Gurjan fall happened due to 'No availability and sustained log supplies by the local government and authorities despite of inviting many industries to invest money in this industry’.

The recent changes indicate that Myanmar timber industry may get fresh logs this year after MTE Auction, because there are high chances for very comfortable price tags. This is also a reason why running industries are quoting a 20 to 30 % lower price to market their further lots if availability happens on expected lines. Suppliers in Myanmar have quoted reasonable prices of Gurjan Face Veneers in different Grade categories that are lower by 15 to 20 % less than 2 months earlier price benchmark.

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