WACO to Strengthen Its Network in North and West

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Waterproof Corporation - a pioneer in the adhesive tape business in India and one of the largest manufacturers of gummed paper tapes in the country, with their flagship brand WACO is making greater presence in North and Western parts of India based wood panel industry. They are focusing the newly emerging industry market of UP and Gujarat at present. They are already doing well at Yamunanagar where a number of semi - organised and unorganised sector industry is using it very well. The speciality of WACO is that it uses starch based glue and 100 % virgin craft paper that gives greater strength which is even better than thread used in core composing machine.

Waterproof Corporation was started in 1942 that were doing different adhesive tapes and nearly 40 years before from now they ventured into veneer tape and started WACO. They have a large manufacturing facility spread in an area of 35, 000 sq ft in Mumbai, with its own in - house laboratory, engineering facilities and technical staff. They offer VENEER TAPES such as Green Veneer Tapes, Perforated Super Strong Tape for Core Veneer, Dry Veneer Tapes and White Veneer Tapes for Decorative Tapes. Besides, they also offer PACKING TAPES such as Gummed Paper Tape and Reinforced Paper Tape used for packaging industry.

According to the owner of the company Mr Chetan Singrodia, WACO veneer tape gives uniform gluing offering high bonding of core fali.” He said, “Using consistent quality tape made of high quality paper reduces the rejection and increase the profitability. It is much beneficial for un-organised and semi-organised sector companies. Using this tape will be much economical for them as is reduces edge matching (2x4 inch fails) prices. This tape gives no-uneven surface. It can be much more supportive to calibrated plywood manufacturing also.”

The company is making high efforts to obtain greater penetration in domestic market. In terms of product spread they are operating across the country with their existing dealer/distributors. With growing market strength focused to the northern part and western part the existing dealers/distributors will be given priority for product offerings and services.

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