The Fate of Genuine Is 710 Grade Plywood Is Back - Rajiv Parashar, Editor, Ply Reporter

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The Indian plywood Industry suddenly begin to love genuine PF after tightening by the Govt. to curb use of agriculture grade urea for making resins for commercial grade plywood manufacturing. Reports from different plywood manufacturing clusters show an impact of 10-12% on prices of commercial grade ply and hence cost of commercial/MR plywood has inched near BWR grade plywood.

Now market is reportedly getting lesser supply of Fake IS 710 grade as producers are not willing to offer MR material. If it persist, the prices of MR vs BWR grade ply in the present scenario is becoming near equal. This is forcing ply producers to increase the supply of its original IS 710 grade plywood or BWP grade plywood that can support 72 hour boiling test. As heard many ply producers have surrendered their IS 710 grade standard because they are dedicatedly manufacturing IS 303 grade but after the recent development, the companies have approached BIS to get IS 710 standard of BWP grade or looking for other options to offer guarantee or warranties, which qualifies the similar standard of Boiling Water Proof plywood.

The Fake IS 710 grade has damaged the image of plywood in the market just for greed, and customers are being cheated. The emergence of HD+WR grade MDF is result of such ill-practice in Plywood trade, but the fate of ‘Original BWP grade Plywood’ seems to be turning back, if the industries follow the government rule strictly. This scenario will help to improve the image of plywood among customers, which was discreet due to Fake IS 710. Industry should take this step in a positive way for the benefits of its own brand or plywood as a product.

This issue has a ‘Glimpse of Indiawood exhibition’ held in Bangalore for those who missed to visit. The new launches, innovations from different brands have been featured. A short interaction with Mr. Vikas Agarwal, MD, Salasar Laminate Group on his latest expansion in Decorative Laminates manufacturing is worth reading. The coverage of financial reports of some organised brands and their growth in revenue and profit in FY 22, would be interesting to those, who believe or follow their working towards organise route. News reports, new products launch and other happenings in wood panel and decorative industry have also been featured that readers would find them interesting

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