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The Action Group was incorporated in early 1970s. It's conglomerate Action TESA is a leading brand in the Footwear, Steel and Power, Chemicals, Real Estate, Health Care and Electronics. Presently the gathering has forayed into the production of Engineering Panels under the brand name - Action. 

Action  TESA has many accomplishments to its name. It has introduced the first thin MDF/ HDF plant in the country as well as the most massive Particle Board Plant. The company has also added to the country's DOME Technology unusual to its products. It is additionally the first company in India to make True HDF based Laminate Wooden Flooring. Action TESA offers a large group of significant worth included items that incorporate MDF, Particle Boards, Embossed HDF, UV Coated Boards, High Gloss Acrylic Boards, HDMI (High-Density High Moisture Resistance Board), Door Skin. 

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