AK Plywood, (AK Plywood Pvt. Ltd)

Kannur District , Kerala

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AK Plywood P. Ltd. was established in Kannur in June 1994. It is known for their environmental focus and planet-friendly approach. The company manufactures products of wood, oak, straw and plaiting material. The company offers creative solutions to the decor segment of the Indian market. 

AK Plywood is a key player in the industry that offers a wide range of products from plywood to block boards to doors and wooden flooring. Their team is dedicated, passionate and innovative that continues to find solutions of interior and decor to its customers. It relentlessly works on improving the quality of the products and services that it offers. 

The company is a trusted trademark of reliable and authentic plywood and plywood based product supplier, offerig a wide array of wood materials to choose from including a variety of finishing patterns in each product category like Plywood, Pine Boards, Wooden Floors and Flush doors.

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