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Covid19: Challenges & Possibilities for Indian Wood Panel Industries.

The economic impact owing to the Coronavirus pandemic will be severe. Indian economy as well as wood panel sector fears for a heavy loss to the businesses. People want to know what the industry veterans have to say on this crisis and how is the road ...

Tuesday, 28 April 2020, 6 Min Read

New Entrants in Particle Board to Add More Fight and Pressure on Margin

Indian Particle Board manufacturers have been adding capacities and bringing dawn selling prices with each addition of a new line. Be it bagasse or wood, capacities in both the segment have yielded increased material supplies and reduction in selling...

Thursday, 02 April 2020, 4 Min Read

I Hope That By Next Year the Situation in Yamunanagar Will Start Improving with Softer Prices of Timber - Mr. Ashwani Agarwal, Director, Star Plywood

Mr. Ashwani Agarwal is a visionary business man, and known good acumen in industry. He is one of Directors of Star Plywood and Star Laminates group. He has also partnered in manufacturing of Craft Paper of laminates in Yamunanagar, which will start i...

Friday, 06 March 2020, 5 Min Read

Customers Say ‘Action Wala HDHMR Chahiye’, And We Have Become Synonyms With Our Many Products - Mr. Ajay Agarwal, Managing Director, ACTION TESA

Mr. Ajay Agarwal, Managing Director, is leading ACTION TESA, one of the forerunner brands in the country, a pioneer in many ways. Action TESA launched the first thin MDF/ HDF plant in the country as well as the most massive Particle Board Plant. ...

Wednesday, 04 March 2020, 4 Min Read

The Panel Business in India Will Spiral-Up in The Short-Term and Taking Off in the Long-Term - Mr Bolton, International Sales Director, SUFOMA Machine

SUFOMA has successfully completed 14 projects in India, covering wood and bagasse-based Particle Board /MDF manufacturing lines. To serve their customers after-sale service, the company is going to build a local after-sale service team and spare part...

Wednesday, 04 March 2020, 4 Min Read

MDF with 20% of Plywood Share can exhaust 8000 CBM of MDF capacity that India will have in two years

The Managing Director of Rushil Decor Ltd, Mr Krupesh Thakkar, producers of VIR MDF, VIR Decorative Laminates and various other products...

Monday, 23 September 2019, 6 Min Read

FIPPI Seeks Not to Make Bis Certification Compulsory for Melamine and Phenol

Federation of Indian Plywood and Panel Industry (FIPPI) has requested to the ministry of chemical & fertilizers for immediate intervention to ensure due process of law...

Tuesday, 17 September 2019, 5 Min Read

Kumar Engineering Focus on Process Automation

Kumar Engineering focuses on automation of manufacturing process and for the purpose they presented Wide Belt Sanding Machines, Calibrating Machines...

Wednesday, 12 June 2019, 4 Min Read

गुजरात में आयातित लकड़ियों से संबंधित इकाइयों को लाइसेंस से मुक्ति

As per the latest notification under the provision of Mumbai Forest Act (Gujarat Correction Act) 2018 issued by the Forest and Environment Department of Gujarat...

Friday, 11 January 2019, 5 Min Read

Payment Recovery, A Nightmare at Present Across the Industries

Extremely slow payment recovery is the biggest negative at present that unorganized wood panel industry is going through reports Ply Reporter correspondents from the market. ...

Wednesday, 21 November 2018, 3 Min Read